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Acrylic Nail Designs

This blog covers various acrylic nail designs, starting with cute and simple rainbow styles. The second video shows how to apply black lace on nails, and the last video is a gallery of amazing designs for special occasions!

I hope there is something for everyone here:

Rainbow design on a white base

The first design can be done on French Manicured acrylic nails and has lots of bright colors to cheer you up in the dark winter days!

You need:

  • Base and top coat
  • French manicure base
  • White, red, yellow, green, blue and glitter polish
  • Colored rhinestones (optional)
  • Fine tip brush
  • acrylic liquid
  • Red, yellow, green and blue acrylic powder

Step by step

  1. Apply primer and base color white.
  2. Then take every single nail polish color and paint a curved line over your nails, e.g. Blue on top, then green, then yellow, then red, so you get a nice rainbow effect. Let dry.
  3. Don't worry if the lines aren't nearly perfect, because if you take the next step they'll look well mixed.
  4. Apply the glitter nail polish to the rainbow section of each nail.
  5. And that gives you bright and happy rainbow nails!

Part 2 – Add the M&M candy

If you want to add more to this design, take the acrylic liquid and powder and use it to place small, round balls of red, green, blue and yellow on the rainbow section of each nail.

Then you can use a fine brush to mark the 3D shapes with an M to make them tiny M&M candies.

It's a cute and playful look that brightens the atmosphere everywhere!

Candy M & Ms & Rainbow Tips – Super Simple Acrylic 3D Nail Art Designs


2) Black lace on 3-dimensional look in white and black and pearl

This video shows a very original and trendy black and white acrylic nail design that is not difficult to copy at home.

It's a glam look, but as shown here in black and white tones, it goes with all of your outfits.

The well-groomed nails are mixed between traditional French manicured acrylic, whereby two nails are painted with white nail polish and decorated with a pretty black tip.

And that's not all, because another feature nail is white with black ray pearls and tiny, ultra-modern, dazzling seed beads that have been added for a fabulous three-dimensional effect!

Pointed Acrylic Nails ~ Black and White


3) Artistic acrylic nail designs – styles for special occasions

Here's a fabulous gallery of nail designs that will inspire you to do your nail art hobby or show your manicurist what to do on your nails.

They are pretty complicated, however so Fine, I just had to add it to today's blog. If you like flowers and intricate designs, you will love these nail designs!

Acrylic Nail Art Gallery


And remember, you can get completely different looks if you make these designs in your own color choice!

And here are some pictures of acrylic nail designs, have fun.

Nice acrylic nail design ideas

Blue acrylic nail designs

Black polka dot acrylic nail designs

Beautiful acrylic nail designs

Acrylic nail designs

Acrylic nail designs ideas

Acrylic nail designs for long nails

Simple simple acrylic nail designs

Pretty acrylic nail designs

Heart acrylic nail designs

Cute acrylic nail designs for girls

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