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Adorable Hairstyles for Long Hair

Adorable Hairstyles for Long Hair

The new season is coming. Have you prepared your spring wardrobe? Don't forget to style your hair to welcome the new season. Today prettydesigns shows you some pretty and adorable hairstyles. Stay with us and learn how to style your long hair.

In the post you will find different hairstyles to rock the spring look. How to have fresh and adorable hairstyles for the new season? you can style half buns, waterfall hairstyles braided bangs …

Check out the post and get inspired. The hairstyles improve your long hair look.

Braided bun for long hair

Would you like to have braids and a bun at the same time? You can style the hair. Make braids first and tie a topknot.

Braided bun for long hair over

Top bun for Wispy Long Hair

The easiest way to spice up your long hair is a top bun. The hair is pretty and goes well with makeup or outfits.

Top bun for wispy long hair over

Braided bangs and top bun for long hair

Is it too annoyed to have long bangs? Do not worry. There are ways to solve the problem. Braiding your bangs is one of the pretty ways to improve the look.

Braided bangs and top bun for long hair over

Back bun

The floral bun is perfect for ombre long hair.

Back bun via

Long hair with braids

Braids can always be helpful to achieve a great hair look.

Long hair with braids over

Braided ponytail

Some girls may like to style ponytails for everyday life. How can you improve your ponytails? Braids again!

Braided ponytail over

Braided long hair inspired by Faux-Hawk

When you style your long hair, you can get inspiration from the short hairstyles. This hair is pulled back and made in a faux hawk style.

Faux-Hawk inspired braided long hair over

Just half up half down

Simply tie a ponytail and do half up, half down hair.

Simply half up half down via

Stacked back long hair with braids

Long hair stacked back with braids over

Ponytails for the weekend

The hairstyle can be made from long hair in any color.

Ponytail for weekend over

Waterfall hair

How can girls with long hair miss the waterfall hairstyles? It is elegant for many occasions. No matter what you choose for your look, you can combine your outfit with a waterfall hairstyle.

Waterfall hair over

Waterfall hair with braids

We style a waterfall hair with a braid.

Waterfall hair with braids over

Waterfall hair with flowers

Waterfall hairstyles are perfect for brides because they go well with the dress.

Waterfall hair with flowers over

Twisted waterfall hairstyle

Twisted waterfall hairstyle over

Waterfall braid hair

Waterfall Braid Hair over

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