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Adorable Wedges

wedges Come back for the season. Inspired by ancient Greek style, designers have a number of ideas for making wedges. Whether it's a low wedge or a super high heel, it's comfortable and versatile. Wedges have thick soles that can provide more height and a fashionable atmosphere. It's time for you to get new wedges back and add to your wardrobe for the season.

Wedges are designed in different styles and colors. They are the staple food for celebrities. Wedges work well with most of their wardrobes. They can go with anything from skinny jeans to party dresses. Here we present 7 adorable celebrity wedges.

Amy Brenneman in her wedges

Amy Brenneman in her wedges

Amy Brennemans Wedges

Amy Brenneman rocked a pair of dark blue wedges at the Television Academy Honors in Beverly Hills. They were super high shoes with white straps. The corrugated sole made it look nice. The wedges soften her edgy dress.

Ginnifer Goodwin in her wedges

Ginnifer Goodwins Wedges

Ginnifer Goodwin chose two-tone wedges for their red carpet look. The shoes were something like bare pumps with brown, thick, curved wedge soles. The khaki shoes complemented her outfit.

Kristin Kreuk in her wedges

Kristin Kreuk's Wedges

Kristin Kreuk's wedges were super chic and modern. There were wedges on which numerous black spots were printed. The black end pieces added edgy looks. Plus, they were peep toe pumps that were chic enough to rock anywhere. Her shoes added an amazing look that matched the white dress.

Natalie Joos in her wedges

Natalie Joos & # 39; Wedges

Animal print is becoming the trend of the season. Natalie Joos wore a pair of wedges with leopard print and slingbacks. She looked so great in the shoes.

Noureen DeWulf in her wedges

Noureen DeWulfs Wedges

Noureen DeWulf combined her black outfit with a pair of black wedges with an irregular wedge sole. The shoes were beautiful with ankle straps.

Sol E. Romero in her wedges

Sol E. Romeros Wedges

Sol E. Romero made for a fun look with a pair of red wedges with a curved wooden sole. The shoes were in peep toe style. They were good pairings for the colorful dress.

Vanessa Williams in her wedges

Vanessa Williams & # 39; Wedges

Vanessa Williams combined her apricot dress with a pair of wedges with a snake pattern. The shoes were decorated with metal objects. The shoes weren't very high, but chic.

There is no doubt that wedges will be your must.

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