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Alexia Rodriguez’s Tattoos & Meanings

Alexia Rodriguez Tattoos meanings – symbols of strength and subversion

As a fabulous guitarist and singer from Eyes Set to Kill, Alexia Rodriguez Tattoos – currently six – present a strong female image! In fact, Alexia Rodriguez tattoos have brought her firmly into the warrior camp, which is represented by the large tri-force symbol on her left foot.

Alexia Rodriguez tattoos

Alexia Rodriguez tattoos

And in summer 2010 Frankenstein's monster will have a woman! Talented celebrity tattoo artist, Jime Litwalk, of Hart & Huntington tattoo created the ultimate "strange couple" on Alexia's inner left arm with a stunning "Bride of Frankenstein".

In the tattoos of Alexia Rodriguez, Ms. Frankenstein has a purple shaded face, blue hair and a bright ocher hair highlight with a matching eye shadow. And with that rationalized This "fast lady" looks like driving a high speed Harley!

Alexia Rodriguez tattoo

Borrowed from the extremely popular Legend of Zelda Game, this is one of Alexia Rodriguez tattoos that contains a warning – don't mess with this lively girl!

Alexia Rodriguez Tattoos – Frankenstein's Monster Arm Tattoo

Alexia Rodriguez tattoo on arm

On her left upper arm, tattoos by Alexia Rodriguez show the red, blood-soaked face of Frankenstein's monster.

Alexia Rodriguez Tattoos – Frankenstein's Monster Arm Tattoo / AP

In Mary Shelley's fantasy novel FrankensteinThe monster was cobbled together by corpses recently unearthed from graves by an overambitious young scientist, "Baron Frankenstein". creepy!

Alexia Rodriguez tattoo ideas

(Frankenstein tattoo on Alexia Rodriguez left shoulder before coloring)

Alexia Rodriguez Tattoos – Puzzle heart on the wrist

Alexia Rodriguez Puzzle Heart Tattoo

And on her left wrist is a "puzzle heart" outline – with a black part that shows that Alexia is injured from the loss of a close person, or maybe it's an ironic comment on the ups and downs below which we all suffer in our love life!

Alexia Rodriguez piano tattoo

Alexia Rodriguez's tattoos began with the image of uneven, hand-drawn piano keys on her right wrist, taken from the artwork on the cover of The ugly organ Album by italic (see below).

Music piano tattoo

Hard Rock Hotel Tattoo Session

This fabulous addition to Alexia Rodriguez tattoos was made in super cool, Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas! In the luxurious VIP back room of the sophisticated hotel, it only took 3 hours to create the doomed bride, from the start to the "wiped" end. I love the comic style of Jimes "Bride of Frankenstein" and the cool necklace around her neck!

Elsa Martinelli as the original bride of Frankenstein in 1935

Jime's artistic version remains close to the authentic Bride of Frankenstein "Look" from Elsa Martinelli, in the 1935 film!

Alexia Rodriguez skull tattoo

In the fall of 2011, the living art of tattoos from Alexia Rodriguez received a new masterpiece from Hart & Huntington. Directly above the elbow on her left arm is a fabulous, violet-outlined, frowning skull that bares her teeth in anger!

With an orange daisy on the skull and a red rose half hidden from this relic of a dead person, this is a really disturbing picture!

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