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Amazing Short Hairstyles for Women

There is no other hairstyle that can look more refreshing and sexy than a short haircut for school girls. You can have a short pixie or basic bob cut for your simple everyday look. If you want to make a little difference to your final style, why not add some transformations to these short hairstyles like these celebrities did for their glamorous red carpet look?

Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn / Getty Images

Olivia Munn gave this curly bob with her shiny black hair a vintage look. You can use some glossy pomade to achieve this effect.

Cameron Diaz / Getty Images

Cameron Diaz styled her bob haircut with slightly layered ends over her neck. His dark roots contrasted greatly with her light blonde hair.

Ashley Benson / Getty Images

Do you want to look pretty and pretty like Ashley Benson? Make your hair loose braids and brush the waves in the morning with your fingers.

Michelle Williams / Getty Images

Here again is Michelle Williams & # 39; characteristic short haircut with long side bangs. She created a voluminous shape on her crown for an extra height.

Elsa Pataky / Getty Images

Elsa Pataky looked effortlessly cool in this blonde pixie haircut. Its heavily layered ends added a strong contemporary and edgy sense to its final style.

Evan Rachel Wood / Getty Images

Evan Rachel Wood showed her short hair with long wavy side bangs in the front. You can copy this look with a hot iron and texturing powder.

Dianna Agron / Getty Images

Dianna Agron created a voluminous shape for her slim bob on the red carpet. You can use your fingers to create more textures when doing this hairstyle.

Julianne Hough / Getty Images

To create a playful short hair like Julianne Hough's, you can split your front parts in three and twist them back.

Charlize Theron / Getty Images

Curls would look perfect for blondes, and Charlize Theron with her pale skin tone and red lips provided strong evidence of that.

Jennifer Lawrence / Getty Images

Jennifer Lawrence impressed us again with a cute short hairstyle. This time, she turned her soft blonde curls into playful curls with a flattering chin length.
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