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Ankle boots with studs for women

Ankle boots with studs for women

Boots with rivets are a real eye-catcher and one particularly striking interpretation of the short bootThis consists of a roughly ankle-high or slightly above-ankle-high shaft and a sole with a variety of heel types and heel heights. Ankle boots are available for both women and men and even children, especially young girls, and are therefore available in standard shoe sizes in retail outlets and in online shops.

The rivets – from connecting element to trend

Originally, the rivet or rivet only appeared as a connecting element in appearance, for example in the stabilization of larger structures such as bridges or in the construction of ships. During the America gold rush and the rise of jeans, local trappers and gold miners looked for a sturdier alternative to traditional thread stitching and used small rivets to close the seams. So the rivet found hers Way into the clothing industry and at first only Reinforcement of the clothing and work shoes of high-performance workers second hand. Its decorative function was later discovered through the development of various colors, varnishes and patinas and used by fashion designers to embellish their creations. Rivets have long been reserved for certain subcultures such as punks and rockers, now they have found their way into the fashion world and can be found on clothing as well as handbags and shoes. The rivets themselves consist of different parts: the head, which is visible on the top of the ankle boot and, depending on the appearance, can either be set with rhinestones, decorated with motifs or stand out in a special shape, and the pin that penetrates the material from below , is pressed and fixed by means of a rotary thread or a plug thread. In the punk and rock scene, where the characteristics of the rivets such as incompetence, strength and coolness are highlighted, the rivets add a rebellious or rocky touch to everyday fashion and therefore fit the trend perfectly Rock chick lookDepending on the model and the desired style, the rivets can be shaped very conspicuously or appear rather inconspicuous and moderate in the shape of a pyramid.

Particularly beautiful models are available from the well-known brands

Most manufacturers also offer their products cheaply in the company’s own online shop or in an online department store on. So you can easily order your favorites. Before buying, you should also look at a price comparison, what additional costs will be incurred for shipping and whether you can buy the ankle boots with rivets on account. Buy ankle boots with rivets – the agony of choice

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