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Asami Zdrenka Tattoos & Meanings

Here you can find the latest tattoos from Asami Zdrenka, Talented Asami Zdrenka, singer with Neon jungle, has eight tattoos to date. Although she only started the Asami Zdrenka tattoos collection in September 2013, she works quickly and has already put together an impressive selection of interesting Asami Zdrenka tattoos!

Given that five of Asami's tattoos appear on her left hand and left arm, it looks like she's on her way to getting a beautiful full sleeve tattoo!

Asami Zdrenka Tattoos – memories of a special father

Asami Zdrenka Tattoos - Black framed owl tattoo

Asami Zdrenka Tattoos – Black framed owl tattoo

Asami Zdrenka got her first tattoo from a well-known skin artist GabzInk in September 2013. It is a black outlined owl, surrounded by red roses on the left upper arm and a lasting memory of the close relationship she had with her late father.

Asami says the following about her first tattoo:

"I got the owl because my father was covered with tattoos, so I always knew I wanted it too. He had an owl in his thigh and I loved it, and roses represent my family, so he always protects us. So my tattoo is a memory of my father! "

Asami Zdrenka tattoos – infinity symbol

Asami Zdrenka Tattoos – matching infinity symbol that is shared with the mother

Asami Zdrenka tattoos were just a daydream until she turned 18th Birthday and in her own words:

Always had the ink error. , , just didn't want to do anything

until I am 18 I go in now! "

And it looks like her mother is another fan of skin art! In October 2013, when Asami added this linked infinity symbol, her mother joined her with a matching tattoo – and shows that her love for each other never ends!

Upper arm mandala half arm

Upper arm mandala half arm

In September 2014, the tattoo artist Alex Roze spiced up Asami's upper arm tattoo and created an impressive "Sanskrit-inspired" dot work "design Mandala (an old magical circular pattern)! It's a fabulous "half sleeve" look that really makes these red roses "pop out"!

Asami Zdrenka Tattoos – Hamsa Hand

Asami Zdrenka Tattoos – refined Hamsa tattoo

The stunning black design on Asami's left forearm is a symbol known as the Hamsa or Hamsa Hand. It is a Middle Eastern design with an abstract shape made up of geometric lines and flowing curves. The hamsa is a very old symbol that has traditionally been thought to protect the wearer from evil!

It makes a very sophisticated "lucky" spell, which is also the most dramatic of Asami Zdrenka tattoos.

Asami Zdrenka Tattoos – bright sun and crescent moon tattoo for women

Asami Zdrenka Tattoos – Outlines of Sun and Moon

The Hamsa and Sun and Moon tattoos were done together in March 2014. Asami's simple tattoos for the sun and crescent are on the back of the left hand between the index finger and thumb.

The two planets, one of them radiant and the other radiant decreasing Phase, symbolize the opposites of wealth and want This has to be in balance for a happy life – like the Chinese Yin-Yang Symbol!

Asami Zdrenka tattoos – Japanese influence

Asami Zdrenka Tattoos – Japanese script tattoo for girls

Asami is half-Japanese and was born in Japan, but has spent most of her life in the UK. It is therefore not surprising that she has expanded the growing Asami Zdrenka tattoos gallery with this striking tattoo of Japanese script.

You can see that on the back of Asami's left wristフ ァ ミ リ ー' Tattoo, which means "family" in English.

Asami Zdrenkas foot tattoos – zodiac sign of the left ankle for girls

Asami Zdrenka Tattoos – artistic zodiac symbols tattoo for women

And the last pieces of tasteful ink art complete that electricity Set of Asami Zdrenka tattoos, these artistic zodiac signs are on the inside of her left ankle!

You look Super sweet over Asami's ruffle socks and yellow suede "peep-to" platforms! The symbols represent from left to right Capricorn – The goat, Virgin – The young virgin and fish – The fish. Asami was born on September 15thth and that makes her a virgin!

Along with her quirky style, Asami Zdrenka tattoos show the creativity and artistic talent of an independent thinker who loves her family and plans to keep both feet on the floor!

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