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Ash Costellos Tattoos & Meanings

New Year Ash Costello's tattoos are 9 tattoos on her right arm (which she wants to make a full sleeve), four on her hands and two small tattoos behind her ears.

Ash Costello's tattoos reveal a lot about her great personality, starting in 2008 with two small red and black broken heart symbols, one behind each ear.

Ash Costello's tattoos

Ash Costello's tattoos

According to Ash, she did it spontaneously when she was on tour in Colorado:

“We played in this Colorado club called Black Sheep. I was bored and there was a tattoo parlor next door so I went in and said, "I'm in a band." , , If someone wants to tattoo me for free, I have to! "And a man volunteered."

Ash Costello's Tattoos – Mickey Mouse Silhouette

Ash Costello's tattoos indicate her love for Disneyland and in November 2009 she had a cute black silhouette of Mickey Mouse attached to the side of her right index finger.

Ash Costello's Tattoos – Cute Little Mickey Mouse Silhouette Tattoo

This is one of Ash Costello's tattoos that her friends Brooke and Sheena had also made to celebrate and celebrate their friendship Fanschiff from Disneyland California!

Ash Costellos

Ash talked about her early life and told an interviewer about her family's longstanding relationship with Walt Disney and Disneyland:

“My family is a big Disneyland family. My great-grandmother, my great-uncle, they all worked in Disneyland. My great-uncle Eddie worked with Walt Disney to develop the art form. My grandma was a can-can dancer.

My mother worked a little there, I worked a little there. , , I grew up walking down the street. My family and I went to Disneyland like three times a week. , , It just reminds me that I was really happy in my life at that time. I can't let it go! "

Vintage Mickey Mouse tattoos

Ash Costello's tattoos definitely show off their "funny" side and in July 2010 Ash added this super cute, adorable Mickey Mouse just above her right elbow, along with her mother's name, "SANDRA D".

Ash Costello's Tattoos – Vintage Mickey Mouse Tattoos

She tweeted this message, remembered her happy childhood, and paid tribute to her mother:

"Mickey, of course! Old school cake eyes and my mother's name, Sandra D. Innocent and virtuous, she really raised me. "

Ash Costello's tattoos – believe in yourself

In August 2010, Ash got another bold, dense black tattoo on the side of her wrist that says:Believe’In Disney script and her best friend has a matching tattoo on her ankle.

Ash Costello's Tattoos – Believe in Yourself Tattoo

Perhaps this refers to Disney's theme song: "If you want a star, your dreams will come true" – if you believe!

Ash Costello's tattoos – lightning on the finger

Ash Costello's tattoos – lightning on the finger

In 2010 Ash was a dedicated fan of Harry Potter and to show that she totally identified with Harry's fight against the forces of evil, she copied his famous lightning scar as a little black tattoo on her left index finger!

Ash Costello's musical influences

Ash Costello's musical influences

Taken from the artwork The ugly organ Album by italicThis stylish version of crooked black piano keys on her right arm shows that Ash Costello's tattoos reflected their musical influences in July 2010.

Ash says this album completely changed the way she wrote music and contributed to her amazing success!

Ash Costello's tattoos – black crow on the right arm

Ash Costello's tattoos – black crow on the right arm

The big black crow on the inside of her right arm (May 2011 – tattoo artist Baba Austin) was the largest of Ash Costello's tattoos to date.

It is an impressive tattoo with a crow's beak wide open to show that it "croaks", but Ash was surprised to see how much skin it covered!

Around the bird is a flowing banner with a quote Slaughterhouse 5, one of Ash Costello's favorite books ever! It is a famous fantasy novel by Kurt Vonnegut and ironically this is the quote Ash chose:

"Everything was great and nothing hurt & # 39;

In a later interview, Ash admitted:

"I know this doesn't make sense, but I didn't know it was that big when he (Baba) gave it hands-free. Before that I would have said that tattoos don't hurt … but it hurt so much! … and I said, "Oh wow, I just got half a sleeve and I don't even know how!"

Ash Costello's tattoos – flower tattoo for the right upper arm

Ash Costello's tattoos – flower tattoo for the right upper arm

In addition to Ash Costello's tattoos, this beautifully drawn grayscale flower was on the edge of her right shoulder.

Below the 3D flower tattoo is another example of the traditional style of some Ash Costellos tattoos.

Ash Costello's Tattoos – "Your Love Continues"

Ash Costello's Tattoos – "Your Love Continues"

This artful banner with tendrils and curlicues that resemble a climbing plant is a nice way to celebrate the ever growing love that Ash feels from her fellow human beings!

It balances the crow perfectly and carries the sentence: "Your love continues – in romantic, italic handwriting!

Ash Costello's "former" tattoos

Ash Costello's "former" tattoos

In the early days of Ash Costello's tattoos, she had a musical note known as the "breve" on the inside of her right elbow. However, this disappeared under the half-sleeve crow tattoo.

And Ash Costello's tattoos also included the yoga meditation symbol OM on her right elbow, which looks pretty cool in black outlines.

Ash loves dark fantasy characters

But until 2013, she wanted something bigger, lighter, and darker to show how much she loves Halloween!

Ash loves dark fantasy characters

Halloween is definitely Ash Costello's favorite holiday and she wears Halloween outfits every day. In October 2013, artist Shaun Kama colored Ash's OM tattoo with a colorful and creepyorange pumpkin candle lamp!

These candle flames are a pair of unearthly yellow eyes that burrow deep into your mind and your mouth can smile.shaped, but this creature is Not your friend!

Ash Costello's Tattoos of Hope

Ash Costello's tattoos – razor blade and wrist cut

The razor blade tattoo on Ash's wrist represents her fight against depression and emphasizes that you can Overcome the most severe clinical depression and enjoy life again!

She wrote:

My Friday the 13th tattoo with the @ nydrock guys. To remind me of that. , , I have survived the worst times, the damn worst, but I did it and now I am enjoying the best times with my best friends.

This tattoo was made on Friday the 13thth September 2013 contains the Roman numeral XIII or 13 in ordinary numbers. It looks shocking, but it actually carries a really optimistic message for anyone with depression to do getting better, So don't give up!

Ash Costello's Tattoos – Love Skills

I love the bright pink-red that tattooist Danny Anchor used in February 2014 to dramatically make Ash Costello's tattoo scream "Love Kills" dramatic – right under the matching red "razor cut"!

Ash Costellos Tattoos – hands

Ash Costello's February 2014 tattoos revolve around shocking images celebrating the fantasy world of vampires and zombies she loves!

Ash Costello's Tattoos – Dead Gothic Script Tattoo

This tattoo on the back of her right hand says, "Dead" in Gothic script scribbled over the back of her hand as if Count Dracula had just finished it with a goose feather pen dipped in blood!

This fits Ash's sense of humor and she often calls herself a "Living Dead Girl"!

Ash Costello's tattoos – skull tattoo

On her right thumb Ash has a stunning black and white skull tattoo that is the band outsider Logo and was made by Danny Anchor in December 2013.

Ash Costello's Tattoos – Wrist Tattoos

Ash has caviar, in italics on the inside of her right wrist – perhaps to remind her that she is a precious and rare person!

Ash Costello's Tattoos – Love Inspires!

Ash Costello's Tattoos – Love Inspires!

When love breaks your heart, the best way to find love with someone is better! Ash Costello's tattoos may show the pain of lost love, but it also shows how she bounced back and found love for her boyfriend Nikki Misery!

This romantic yellow, red and blue broken heart tattoo on her right hand goes with other half a broken heart on Nikki's hand – so if you hold hands, the two halves form a complete heart!

With the words "I wish for you" written around the border of Ash's heart tattoo, you can almost hear Nikki whisper back, "And I wish it." she'.

Yes, there is another one little Blood flows from the broken heart, but it's great that she's in love and happy now!

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