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Avril Lavigne Tattoos & Meanings

The importance of Avril Lavigne tattoos and the great deed she has planned for the future!

Avril Lavigne tattoos are small but beautifully drawn and offer incredible insight behind the scenes of their huge personality!

How many tattoos does Avril Lavigne currently have?
There are 14 tattoos that Avril Lavigne now has.

Read on to find out which Avril Lavigne tattoos Really mine: reflects her sense of humor, her favorite word and finally her incredible romantic, tattoos for husband, Chad!

Friends and former lovers

Avril Lavigne's tattoos are often made with friends, husbands or friends who have matching tattoos to symbolize their close ties. She shares two fitting facts with ex-husband Deryck Whibley (singer with) Total 41), four from her time with Brody Jenner and one with her husband Chad Kroeger (singer of Nickleback),

Impulsive and carefully

Avril keeps her tattoos small, because – she says – they were all made spontaneously No Planning. She may be impulsive, but Avril Likewise has a sensible side to avoid making a big tattoo mistake!

Cute little heart tattoo with a black D.

Avril Lavignes tattoos

Avril Lavignes tattoos

This red heart tattoo with a black D on the outside of her right wrist means Avril's love for her (now ex) Husband Deryck Whibley of total 41. He also has a similar tattoo, but with an "A" instead of the "D".

Avril Lavigne Tattoos – 25th birthday

Avril Lavigne Tattoos – Star and XXV Right Elbow Tattoos

In April 2008, when she was 25 years old, Avril and her friend Allie went on a trip to the tattoo studio. Avril had a blue star with a black outline on the inside of her right elbow, which she later filled in with black ink.

Also on the inside of her right elbow are the Avril Lavigne tattoos with the Roman numerals & # 39; XXV & # 39; provided that are 25 in normal numbers. Avril had the XXV tattoo done together with her then boyfriend Brody Jenner, who got a matching tattoo inside his elbow at the same time.

Avril Lavigne tattoos – a star is drawn – cute little tattoo for girls!

Avril Lavigne Tattoos – Star tattoo on the left wrist

Avril Lavigne star tattoos started with a modest star on the inside of her left wrist – and guitarist Ben Moody from transience got a matching tattoo at the same time. They chose the style from Avril Lavigne's artwork Let go Album and they got the deed to commemorate the writing of the great song Nobody is at home, together!

Avril Lavigne tattoos – a pinch of stars

Avril Lavigne Tattoos – Star Tattoos on the hip

Avril also has two star outlines on her left hip and this is the largest of her star acts.

Avril Lavigne Tattoos – tiny star tattoo on the back

Avril has a cute little blue star on her right shoulder blade.

Avril Lavigne tattoos – blue star on the leg

And on her left leg there is another little blue star, which is outlined in black. If you love star tattoos, please search for “star tattoos” on our website lilostyle.com. You can find more cool star tattoos!

Avril Lavigne tattoos with Deryck Whibley

Avril Lavigne Tattoos – "D" in red heart with Deryck Whibley plus musical note

In March 2010, Avril's husband Deryck Whibley helped celebrate his 30thth Birthday, and even though they have already started divorce proceedings, they were and still are good friends. Both got a matching 30s tattoo – Avrils is on her right wrist.

Even though they're divorced now, Avril left the tattoo as it was – as a symbol of the good times they shared. And some time later, she added a cute note tattoo right under her wrist.

On the side of her left wrist, Avril also has Deryck's initial "D" in a cute pink love heart outline (Deryck also has an "A" in a love heart for Avril).

Avril Lavigne Tattoos With Brody Jenner

Avril Lavigne Tattoos – 30s and lightning tattoos on the left wrist

Avril added a flash tattoo just below the 30 in April 2010, along with Brody Jenner, her then boyfriend, who had a matching tattoo behind his ear.

Avril Lavigne Tattoos – Brody Tattoo for Ex Brody Jenner

Avril also inked "Brody" on the right side of her chest, and Brody has "Avril" on his elbow from a joint tattoo session in July 2010.

Avril Lavignes favorite tattoos – the "FUCK" tattoos 2010

Avril Lavigne Tattoos – "FUCK" tattoo on her chest

In May 2010, Avril and Brody got matching "FUCK" tattoos on their rib cages and Avril always says that this is them favorite Tattoo – and your favorite word! LOL!

Avril Lavigne Tattoos – Finger Tattoo "FUCK YOU"

Avril's second "FUCK YOU" Shock Act is on the middle finger of her right hand.

Punky safety pin tattoo on Avril's neck

Avril Lavigne Tattoos – safety pin on the neck

In March 2011, the funniest tattoo by Avril Lavigne appeared on the left side of her neck. At the time, she tweeted this humorous comment:

It is always practical. It can hurt you, but at the same time hold you together, safety comes first!

It is a reference to the punk fashion of the 70s to put safety pins like earrings through your ears, and since this is only one drawing from a safety pin that pierces her skin, it's a fun "watered down" punk Symbol!

Free Advertising – Avril's "Abbey Dawn" tattoo

Avril Lavigne Tattoos – Abbey Dawn Tattoo

The name "Abbey Dawn" appears on her left forearm, a reminder of the nickname her father gave as a little girl. Abbey Dawn is also the brand name of the Avril Lavigne fashion line and there is nothing better than a bit of free advertising to increase sales!

Avril Lavigne Tattoos – scary skull tattoo

Under her Gothic script alter egoAvril added a brilliantly executed and scary skull and crossbones in May 2012.

Avril's romantic tattoos with Chad Kroeger

Avril Lavigne Tattoos – romantic French arm tattoo

Here's the latest new tattoo from Avril Lavigne. The largest tattoos of Avril Lavigne so far are the two French sentences, which are written in italics on her left forearm:

& # 39; Life is pink & # 39; means that you are so happy that life seems wonderful because you see everything through the "pink glasses" of love!

It is part of a famous French love song. life is pink, sung by Edith Piaf. Here is the English translation to give you an impression of the quote Really means:

"If he takes me in his arms
He speaks to me in a low voice
I see life as if it were pink.'

And "Vivre le moment present" means "Live for the moment!"

She got this tattoo with husband Chad Kroeger. In front They started dating when they collaborated on songwriting for an Avril Lavigne album. According to Avril:

When I met him I was really surprised that he had no tattoos. On the second day in the studio, I said, "This is how I get your first tattoo!"

They didn't get any relevant facts that day – Avril just got "La vie en Rose" and Chad "Vivre le moment présent". howeverWhen it was hot between lovers, Avril added the second line to match Chad!

Will there be more Avril Lavigne tattoos?

Yes! Avril made her plans for future tattoos very clear in this interview with Inked Magazine::

I want a big asshole tattoo on my forearm. I'll wait a couple of years and make sure I still want it then.

I have to wait for this special person to come back to my life. I want to make a big heart with a flag with a name. I want it to be a great experience and statement.

So she plans a big, sloppy, traditional heart with a name banner. I'm not surprised because Avril is obviously a very warm and loving person!

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