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Awesome Tattoo Is A Way To Express

Awesome Tattoo Is A Way To Express Yourself

Tattoos have become a planetary trend and a big part of popular culture. Tattoos are common today, which was not the case in the past. That is why new ideas, trends, color combinations and inspirations are widespread.

Tattoos can be fantastic and match your style and overall look perfectly. But you have to have a confident and professional artist and a good idea at your side. Still, there are some tattoos that are not for commercial use, which means that they have a negative connotation, such as tears under the left eye (worn by prisoners) or some tribal tattoos that mean traitors.

There are really great tattoos to choose from, think about your choice and ask friends and family for their opinions. Here are examples of popular tattoos that are common in today's popular culture.

1. Tiger tattoos

Tiger tattoos

Tiger tattoos / pinterest

These tattoos are popular with both men and women and show grace, strength and strength. Depending on your taste, they can be very colorful and small or large.

2. Dragon tattoos

Trible dragon tattoo design

Trible dragon tattoo design

They are a great solution if you find a great design and color palette. They are inspired by the Eastern legends and often tattooed on the back.

Tribal Tattoos

Best tribal tattoo designs

Best tribal tattoo designs

Tribal design became popular in the 90s and is adopted by both genders. They must be original and properly executed, in black, gray or indigo blue.

Initials and names tattoos

Initials and names tattoo design

Initials and names tattoo design

Tattooing initials or loved ones' names is a great tattoo idea, and you can choose between modern and Gothic fonts.

cross tattoos

Best cross tattoos for women

Best cross tattoos for women

Religious version or old Celtic cross can be a nice and graceful tattoo, especially if done discretely and in black / monochromatic.

To choose the right tattoo for you, always think about your decision and talk to loved ones and also a good tattoo artist. You must be a work of art, a declaration and your personal ID from the day you put it on.

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