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Awsome Highlighted Hairstyles for

Awsome Highlighted Hairstyles for Women 

Is there something highlights can't do? This is one of the most diverse hair styling techniques ever. From chunky ribbons and thin, subtle highlights to ombre and balayage, there is no end to the possibilities when it comes to highlights and even lowlights – and these are just the application techniques. Then, of course, there's a whole rainbow of colors to play around with when experimenting with highlights. Do you want to add texture to fine, light blonde hair? Just throw in a few soft, brown lowlights and you'll find that your locks are more defined and thicker than ever.

Alternatively, if you want to make a dramatic statement about your funny, whimsical personality, add some pastel pink shades to your hair. Or would you prefer to let go of your inner surfer chick this summer? Then opt for sun-kissed golden highlights and beach waves. These are just a few of the many ways to add highlights to your hair. Here are 20 stunning examples that you are sure to want to show your stylist.

Pink tinted blonde bob

Are you looking for a way to lighten your blonde angled bob? We love this classic, graded cut and the many different shades of blonde, but the sweet cotton candy pink that frames the face really makes it burst.

Highlighted hair blush


Purple tinted blonde bob

Here's another, even more daring way to make the most of your graduate blonde bob. Instead of focusing on the front, these bright purple stripes were highlighted in bands across the hair.

Purple highlighted hair


Singular stripe

Highlights do not necessarily have to be in groups. Try an extremely thick strip with a bright color like purple if you want to make a striking statement.

Purple highlights for blonde hair


Lively pixie

Just when we thought that a choppy, layered elf with a lot of length in front and a sharply shaved undercut couldn't get any more exciting, these highlights come. This hair is a pretty pastel lilac with stunning orange stripes on the front.

Light color short hair


Cherry Brown Bob

It turns out that chocolate and cherry are not just a delicious combination in desserts. They also go perfectly with bouncy castles like this one. These bold and bright highlights work wonders to brighten up this brunette bob, and the result is electrifying.

Black and red hairstyle


Braided up-do

If you want to play around with exotic colors like lavender, mint green and red, but are concerned about looking formal and professional enough to work, highlights on the bottom of your head are ideal for you. Show off your rainbow highlights on your free days by wearing them in a beautifully braided up-do like this.

Crown braids for highlighted hair


Choppy layers

Refresh your look this spring by adding some extreme layers to your medium length hair. No matter how fine or thin your locks are, you will find that heavy layers like this add an insane amount of volume. As if that wasn't enough, the pastel purple dip dye on the layers of the lower layer emphasizes the look even more.

Purple ends for sliver bob


Subtle highlights

We never thought that purple highlights could possibly look so subtle and reserved. However, these thin peek-a-boo looks between cinnamon-brown curls look completely reserved.

Purple highlights for Curly Bob


Caramel curls

It's no secret that brunette locks almost always look completely shiny and healthy. So it's no wonder that a double dose of brown hair, like this curly combination of chocolate and caramel, is one of the shiniest styles we've ever seen.

Fairly highlighted medium length curls


Pink curls

These blonde, spiral-shaped curls fit a Disney princess. As if they weren't feminine and flirting enough, these flamingo pink band highlights really round off the look.

Pink highlights


Bright yellow

Honey blonde is an amazingly refined shade and looks particularly beautiful on long, flowing waves like this. However, it's also an extremely popular hairstyle that is regularly rocked by celebrities and real girls alike. You can give this look a really unique touch by adding just a few strong canary yellow highlights to the back.

Yellow highlights for Sun-Kiss Curls


Blue seductress

You would have to search quite far to find a more tempting hairstyle than this. Deep blue stripes add a touch of magic to the shiny black curls.

Blue highlights in black hair


Two-tone ginger

Stay warm this summer by coloring your lush waves in this cheeky shade of red. The entire look is made even more exciting by a unique, light blonde highlight.

Highlighted red hair


Half up half down

This hairstyle also shows how sultry and breathtakingly long red hair can look when combined with chunky blonde highlights. This time the hair was pulled up, half up, half down, as we would expect in a fairy tale.

Subtle waves


Purple lowlights

We have seen again and again how great blonde and purple go together. This classic strikethrough cut is another example of this.

Gray hair with purple highlights


Red and black

This long, sleek hairstyle has something very adorable. With such daring colors, you can afford to keep them straight and simple.

Straight hair


Wine red low lights

Splash some red wine on your hair! Okay, maybe not literally. But a dash of deep red wine in the bottom layers of wavy blonde balayage with thick bangs is an absolutely breathtaking style.

Hairstyle highlighted in red


Splash Lights

If you haven't heard of Splashlights yet, don't worry, you will soon. This is a really amazing new highlighting trend where only a horizontal streak is colored around the hair. Here we can see how great rainbow splashlights look in soft golden curls.

Colorful ends


Peekaboo lowlights

Striking deep brown stripes give this wavy, layered, ash blonde hair a whole new dimension of depth and volume.

Two-tone hair


Gold and brown

The great thing about highlights is that they can be as subtle or eye-catching as you want them to be. Thin, honey blonde highlights like this are a guaranteed way to brighten up your shiny, brunette locks.

Blonde highlighted locks


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