8 Azealia Banks Tattoos - Meanings of 'Santa Marta La Dominora .

Azealia Banks Tattoos – Meanings of ‘Santa Marta La Dominora’ Tattoo

In Japan, Azealia Banks' tattoos recently received this fabulous tattooed image of "Santa Marta – The Dominant One"!

Azealia Banks Tattoos - Santa Marta Tattoo

Azealia Banks Tattoos – Santa Marta Tattoo

Azealia Banks & # 39; Santa Marta – La Dominora Tattoo from which Santeri Religion, shows a powerful, old African goddess who can bring great blessings or great evil.

African slaves who were transported to other countries continued to worship their traditional goddesses, but gave them the names of Catholic saints to keep their forbidden religion secret!

Santa Marta – La Dominora tattoo

It's perfect for Azealia – who can be argumentative, but definitely have a loving heart!

Azealia Banks tattoos

This is a great tattoo for black women.

"Discipline" tattoo on Azealia's back

Azealia Banks Tattoos – Back

Azealia Banks has the word "discipline" tattooed on the left side of her back. She usually doesn't comment on the meaning of her tattoos, but no one knows more about discipline, hard work, and a determination to succeed than Azealia!

After a terrible childhood in which her father died when she was 2 years old and her mother was hostile – called her ugly – she deserves her hard-won millionaire status!

Dollar sign tattoos

Azealia Banks tattoos – money symbols

Azealia Banks' tattoos with three important money symbols show their ambition to "make it big" in the United States ($), United Kingdom (£) and Europe (€). If you grew up in a family with only one parent in Harlem, the need for financial security must be overwhelming!

After Azealia's moderate, early success came to a standstill, she even worked in a strip club to support her dream of becoming a high-earning rapper. After her recent success in Japan, maybe she should add the yen symbol!

Azealia Banks Tattoos – black heart silhouette

African American Tattoo Ideas: Azealia Banks tattoos include a striking black heart silhouette made in spring 2013 on her lower right chest just above the waist. I think that's the lively way of saying Azealia that it's a real "treasure" among them!

Azealia Banks tattoos – Roman numerals

Another tattoo by Azealia Banks shows her date of birth in Roman numerals – V XXXI MCMXCI or 5th May 1991 – from Tattoos by Cake from Coney Island, New York.

It's okay to have your date of birth tattooed under your collarbone when you're young and beautiful – but it seems like a good idea later!

Azealia Banks Tattoos – Hearts

Azealia Banks tattoos contain a cute trace of heart outlines with a black heart silhouette on top. The hearts decrease in size when they move tempting down the left side of the abdomen. It is a sexy tattoo with the "sharp end" of hearts that all point to the same place!

Azealia Banks Tattoos – Tiger face on the hip

This fabulous tiger face outline tattoo on the right hip is another tattoo by Azealia Banks that shows off her wild personality.

Azealia Banks Tattoos – No. 7 on the left buttocks

And finally, Azealia Banks' tattoos also have the lucky number "7" on her left buttocks! I think she used it hard work more than "happiness" to overcome a terrible childhood and become one amazing successful rapper at the age of 23!

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