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Ball Gowns

Ball Gowns

Ball gowns are usually very pompous women’s dresses made of high-quality and often glittering fabric, for example satin. For example, ball gowns are used as ball gowns or as chic evening wear for very special festivities.

Classification of the category prom dresses

It doesn’t necessarily have to be the Vienna Opera Ball – a large gala, concert or (evening) event that requires a cloakroom is also reason enough to wear a great ball.

The garment for that special appearance

These special clothes are absolutely not suitable for everyday use, but should give the wearer a glamorous look on this very special day. Ball gowns are rarely used, but they are used correctly.

  • Noble fabrics
  • daring cuts
  • lush accessories

– “She” makes her grand entrance with a ball.

Choose the right fit

Of course, the design of the ball gown should correspond to the style and type of the wearer and always emphasize their advantages, at best skilfully hide one or the other small problem area. However, given a few basic rules, this doesn’t get in the way.

For tall and slim women

Tall, slim women should not choose models that are too narrow, as this leads to an unfavorable emphasis on length. Instead, glittering, effectively shimmering fabrics and a deep cleavage at the front or back are welcome. Anyone who quickly feels naked in naked clothes and feels insecure can quickly counteract this with a bolero jacket or a stole.

For small and petite women

Small, petite ladies are not well advised to hide behind oversized backs, folds and flounces – less is always more here. Because of this, the color may be a little more noticeable. Distinctive jewelery in dimensions or artistically designed brooches quickly become eye-catchers.

For stronger women

Strong women with feminine shapes should already pay attention to functionality when they are “below” – this way the “top” fits much better. Maybe “she” has really nice legs, then a short hem or a high side slit is just the thing. A dream décolleté can be an eye-catcher with the right neckline and a special piece of jewelry. A remarkable waistline is gained through the use of flashy shrimp or belts. Matching shoes and bags complete the festive setting for a glittering ball night.

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