Ballerinas from all over the world danced together to raise relief .


Ballerinas are not only called ballet dancers, but also their shoes. The flat ballerinas, which are available today in many variants and designs, are also often worn in leisure time and are almost indispensable in women’s shoe fashion.

Classification of the ballerinas category

The ballerina is a flat, low-cut women’s shoe that owes its name to the visual similarity to the petticoats and slippers popular in ballet. Ballerinas are both timeless and classic and have never gone out of style since their first public appearance at the end of the 19th century.

Every year in spring and summer they find their way out of the shoe cupboards and onto the street. Ballerinas are particularly popular for tall women, as their very thin and flat soles make them a real alternative to high heels.

Numerous possible combinations

In addition, they are very comfortable to wear and can be combined with other items of clothing. If

Ballerinas are the perfect companion for every occasion. You will be happy too


Varied shapes and colors

As versatile as the pieces of clothing with which ballerinas can be combined, the shoes are as diverse in shape and design. Next

These days, shoe store shelves are also included

  • extravagant animal prints
  • sweet dot or also
  • in metal temples like gold and silver.

There is also a large selection of materials for the ballerinas. That’s the way things go sometimes

  • Plastics and plastics
  • Textile
  • Paint or
  • leather


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