Dansoft" Leather Split-Sole Ballet Slippers - Shoes | Bloch S0258L .

Ballet shoes

Classical ballet shoes are usually custom made for professional dancers. The pointe shoes required for dancing are available in different degrees of hardness. Depending on the ballet, harder or softer couples are preferred.

Classification of the ballet shoes category

Ballet shoes, every little dancer’s dream. Many kept them as childhood memories as adults. Ballet shoes are usually made of pink satin with a soft suede or nappa sole. They are worn to ballet exercises.

Requirements and different models

It is important that the foot in the shoes is easy to move and can roll smoothly. The sole yields slightly on the smooth ballet parquet, but slows down too much sliding.

Ballet shoes for children are mainly worn by girls and are similar to traditional gym shorts. Ballet shoes for teenagers or adults are available for both women and men. The women’s models are white, silver, gold and pink, the men’s models are more in black, white and dark blue.

Pointe shoes

More advanced ballerinas wear so-called pointe shoes. These are ballet shoes that are reinforced in the tips by a stiff insert. This is very uncomfortable with normal walking, but allows a longer period of balancing and turning directly on the toes. Pointe shoes are usually supplied with long satin ribbons of the same color that are tied over the ankle and ensure that the shoe is optimally held on the foot.

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