This Week in Billboard Chart History: In 1986, the Bangles Walked .


Bangles are a popular bracelet for young and old. Their widths can vary widely, from narrow to very wide. Bangles are available in silver or gold and can also be made from plastic as costume jewelry.

Classification of the bangles category

Bracelets are worn like bracelets on the forearm and wrist, but in contrast to them are not agile, but consist of a solid, hard material. They either wrap the wrist completely or leave a stain on the underside when it comes to half hoops.


The tires can be made from various materials. This may or may not always be the classic

partly with

  • Precious or semi-precious stones

be busy because there are other materials that are specifically for bangles in the current trend.

For example, it is often used for bracelets that are then used to implement the trendy ethnic style. These are then usually kept in shades of brown and can be decorated with patterns. Next to it is switched on

is used as material for bangles, which can then be bought in different colors, from plain to multicolored and in different widths. You will find this type of bangle on offer from fashion jewelry manufacturers in particular.

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