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Bathing shoes

Made from plastic bathing shoes, commonly known as flip-flops or slippers, they protect the feet in the pool or sauna area from athlete’s foot and ensure that they do not slip on the wet floor.

Classification of the bathing shoes category

Areas of application

Bathing shoes are special plastic shoes designed to be worn in damp areas. These shoes are mainly used in public areas such as

Only where you do not want to walk or stand with your bare feet and where it is too damp to wear other shoes.

Protection against pathogens

The hygienic aspect in particular plays a role, because bacteria feel at home wherever it is humid and warm, where many people meet. For many people, the mere thought of walking barefoot on a surface where many strangers are walking with bare feet is unsavory. In fact, walking unprotected in damp and warm rooms can quickly lead to serious illness.

One can become particularly infected with the foot of the dreaded athlete, which requires a long treatment to heal. It is all the more important to make sure that bathing shoes are as smooth as possible. Because bacteria and fungal spores can also thrive on the surface of the bathing shoes.

Correct cleaning is important

Therefore, the shoes should be cleaned thoroughly after each use. To do this, they are simply rinsed very hot; You can also spray them with a commercially available disinfectant spray. It is important for disinfection that the disinfectant works long enough. Only then is it guaranteed that all bacteria and fungal spores are thoroughly eliminated.

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