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Beautiful Hairstyles for Shoulder Length Hair

The lob hairstyles that appear just under your shoulder can look so beautiful for women. You can also hold your hair between the flattering chin height and shoulder length for a completely fresh and vibrant look. This gives us a great alternative choice if you don't want pixie cuts or long locks for your new look. Scroll down this post to find 26 gorgeous shoulder-length hairstyles and get inspired!

Textured wavy lob hairstyle

Textured wavy lob hairstyle

Textured wavy lob hairstyle / Instagram

Perfect look for your summer time. It seems that the medium length hairstyle with loose, romantic beach waves can never get enough.

Nice long bob hairstyle

Nice long bob hairstyle over

An easy way to keep bangs off your face is to pin them behind your ears. Enhance this straight rag hairstyle with a set of outstanding purple lips.

Beachy Wavy Bob hairstyle

Beachy Wavy Bob Hairstyle / Instagram

Angled lob hairstyle

Angled praise hairstyle over

The angled long bob looks very chic on smooth, straight curls. To get this polished look, you need a straightener and sunglasses.

Blunt cut lob hairstyle

Blunt cut lob hairstyle

The lob hairstyle looks extremely glamorous on straight, fine hair. It is almost as long as just under the shoulders.

Blonde long bob hairstyle

Blonde long bob hairstyle about

This is a cute and beautiful long bob hairstyle with blonde and brown tones that blend together perfectly.

Fantastic long bob hairstyle

Fantastic long bob hairstyle over

Simply captivating! This hairstyle has a lot of volume to show off and is very cool to combine with your pilot jacket.

Ombre wavy bob hairstyle

Ombre Wavy Bob Hairstyle Over

It's super trendy to dye your hair with the bright platinum blonde this year. You can also decorate it on the tips. An ideal look for summer.

Messy wavy lob hairstyle

Messy Wavy Lob hairstyle over

Messy, sexy and sultry. This look is perfect for your non-working days when you have poor hair condition and still want to look stylish.

A-line long bob hairstyle

A-Line Long Bob Hairstyle Over

The A-line lob hairstyle doesn't always have to look old-fashioned with a range of fantastic lowlights and highlights. Light hair coloring can also invigorate your complexion.

Braided Half Up Lob Hairstyle

Braided Half Up Lob Hairstyle / Instagram

This hairstyle is anything but less volume and body. It looks so great to have soft curls and waterfall braids for your long bob.

Reverse praise hairstyle

Inverted praise hairstyle over

Do you want a long bob hairstyle that can be worn on any occasion? Good. This is just for you. It is simple yet classic and can even be combined with your evening dress.

Choppy layered bob haircut

Choppy Layered Bob Haircut over

Layers are always important for bob hairstyles. This time, she styled it at the back to add extra dimension and depth to her look.

Blond straight lob haircut

Blond Straight Lob Haircut / Instagram

The long bob hairstyle is very easy to style on straight hair. It is an ideal option for girls who are looking for an elegant and modern look.

Easy praise for everyday hairstyles

Easy praise for everyday hairstyles

A very simple and beautiful look that every girl would love. You can definitely wear this style to work, school, or other events.

Side swept long bob hairstyle

Side swept long bob hairstyle over

Glamorous curly lob hairstyle

Glamorous Curly Lob Hairstyle Over

This glamorous curly bob hairstyle is the perfect choice for occasions when it is a must to show you absolute beauty.

Completed praise hairstyle

Completed praise hairstyle over

This is one of the classic looks of medium length hairstyles with bangs. The entire style is significantly enhanced by the highlighted stripes.

Long straight bob hairstyle

Long straight bob hairstyle over

Layered praise hairstyle

Layered lob hairstyle over

This is a prime example that shows us how to heal with your thick hair. We have to admit that layers can bring any hairstyle to life.

Medium ombre wavy hairstyle

Medium ombre wavy hairstyle over

This season it's all about ombre colors for women's hairstyles. This hairstyle impresses us with light waves and perfect color combination.

Ombre praise hairstyle

Ombre praise hairstyle over

In this style you can easily find levels of all types and lengths. It looks very fabulous and can work well on any hair type.

Long bob hairstyle with highlights

Long bob hairstyle with highlights / Instagram

Red long bob haircut

Red Long Bob haircut over

Another hair color brings a whole new side of you. Try this stunning red rag hairstyle to liven up your boring look in no time.

Layered long bob hairstyle

Layered long bob hairstyle over

This fabulous layered bob hairstyle is the perfect choice for our casual everyday look. Pull up the top layers for an extra dose of volume and style.

Straight lob hairstyle

Straight lob hairstyle over

The side part is so trendy this season. Why not try this style with your long bob haircut to get an absolutely current look?

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