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Beautiful Long Pixie Hairstyles for Women

The long pixie cut can be a perfect transition between a short hairstyle and a medium style. It has lots of funky layers to show off and will frame the face perfectly. It is also an effective hairstyle that is considered easy to care for. You can wear a simple pixie cut for almost any occasion. Let's look at 23 beautiful long pixie hairstyles for women in this post today and be inspired!

Nice long pixie hairstyle

Slim long pixie hairstyle

Nice long pixie hairstyle over

You may never have imagined how beautiful the elf looks on silver-gray hair. Don't forget to enchant it with a bold makeup!

Asymmetric pixie hairstyle

Asymmetric Pixie (email protected)

There's nothing like this stylish, blunt elf for square faces. The front layers are cut around her face just above the chin level.

Pink purple pixie hairstyle

Pink Purple Pixie Hairstyle Over

It doesn't matter to leave your pixie cut in a messy look! It can be a great option for your casual day trips.

Stylish long pixie hairstyle

Stylish long pixie hairstyle over

This is a stunning long length pixie haircut for girls. The layers slide gently from side to side.

Layered pixie hairstyle

Layered pixie hairstyle over

This is a perfect option for those who want to keep a trendy undercut while keeping long layers on top. The blonde gray hair color is also very popular.

Red pixie hairstyle

Red pixie hairstyle over

This look proved that the short pixie cut is one of the most flattering choices for women. Pull up the top layers on the crown for extra volume.

Shaved pixie haircut

Shaved Pixie Haircut Over

Do you want to create a deep side part for your style? Consider this look. It has an extremely shaved side, while the other half is held with extra long layers.

Trendy long pixie hairstyle

Trendy long pixie hairstyle over

When you're tired of your long curls, it's high time to cut them off and switch to an effortlessly cool pixie cut.

Pixie hairstyle with undercut

Pixie hairstyle with undercut via

A totally edgy haircut that is also refined and sleek. Place a few brown highlights around the face for a more flattering effect.

Stacked pixie hairstyle for women over 30

Stacked pixie hairstyle for women over 30 via

This gorgeous pixie cut can leave each of us speechless with its dark and lush hair color. It also has a flattering face shape to flaunt.

Layered pixie haircut

Layered pixie haircut over

An ultra-trendy and modern look for girls who want to make a statement with their hair. This pigsty has a long, side-swept edge to frame the face.

Brushed-back pixie hairstyle

Brushed-back pixie hairstyle over

An easy way to give your pixie cut a glamorous vintage look is to have the combed bangs back. Add some light blonde highlights to enhance the overall style.

Wavy pixie hairstyle

Wavy pixie hairstyle over

Are you afraid of being too extreme with a pixie haircut? This can definitely solve your problem with a much nicer and more seductive look.

Colored long pixie hairstyle

Colored long pixie hairstyle over

This is an absolutely eye-catching way to rock a pixie cut for young girls. It enables us to experiment with any color.

Curly pixie hairstyle

Curly pixie hairstyle over

The long pixie hairstyle can work for your daughters too. Together with some curvy waves, it quickly turns into an eye-catcher on the street.

Ombre pixie hairstyle

Ombre pixie hairstyle over

Everything revolves around beautiful layers of all lengths. You can emphasize the natural textures with a range of blonde highlights and lowlights.

Fabulous layered pixie hairstyle

Fabulous Layered Pixie Hairstyle Over

Here's a brand new way to wear a stacked bob hairstyle. It also has the advantage of the freshness and coolness of a pixie cut.

Layered pixie haircut for fine hair

Layered pixie haircut for fine hair over

The layered pixie cut is one of those versatile hairstyles that are easy to dress up and down. With the platinum blonde color, it is a good choice for a lively summer look.

Messy long pixie hairstyle

Messy long pixie hairstyle over

Funky layers are the best way to deal with thick hair and give it a super trendy look. This cool hairstyle can definitely be worn during your vacation.

Curly pixie hairstyle with undercut

Curly pixie hairstyle with undercut via

This picture shows us how to wear old Hollywood waves on a pixie cut. This haircut has both sides slightly shaved for a much softer look.

Blonde pixie hairstyle for black women

Blonde pixie hairstyle for black women over

An effective way to take your platinum hair to the next level with a stunning long pixie haircut. You can also add a few waves for a flirting touch.

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