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Beautiful Lotus Tattoo Designs for Girls

Many people love the lotus patterns for their tattoos because lotus tattoos make sense. The meaning of the lotus is happiness and longevity. The deeper meaning will be rebirth. However, someone only likes the beauty of the lotus rather than the meaning.

Today you are lucky enough to find our contribution. In this post, 12 lotus designs for your next tattoo are presented. They are both beautiful and meaningful. If you want to have a tattoo or don't know what to choose for the next tattoo, you can stay here and watch the post.

Enjoy and find what you want.

Lotus on the shoulder

Lotus on shoulder over

Lotus tattoo on the clavicle via

Back lotus tattoo about

Shoulder lotus tattoo over

Watercolor lotus tattoo about

Blue lotus tattoo on wrist over

Lotus flower tattoo on arm via

Hand over lotus tattoo

Foot lotus tattoo about

Ankle lotus tattoo over

Finger lotus tattoo over

Nice lotus tattoo about

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