Beautiful Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

Do you want to look as bright as celebrities in a prom? Well, I think you can start with your hair first. There are many hairstyles that can be worn for a prom, from long wavy hair to braided updo. Among all types of hairstyles, the elegant updo should be an ideal option to achieve a matching look in a prom. It can also be easily dressed up and down with hair accessories. Scroll down in this post and find a favorite for your next prom look!

Waterfall braid for prom hairstyles

Waterfall braid for prom hairstyles

Waterfall braid over for prom hairstyles

It's a sweet idea to turn your long, wavy hair into a waterfall braid. And this beautiful hairstyle looks better on longer hair.

Twisted low bun

Twisted low bun over

It's very easy to style your long curly hair into a messy, low bun. Pull all the twists together and pin them at the back of your neck.

French side braid

Side French Braid over

Lay your long, wavy hair aside and make a loose French braid. Decorate it with a hairpin as you like for a nicer look.

Romantic braided updo

Romantic braided updo over

This is a stunning braided hairstyle for every woman. Make a low bangs, braid it, and artificially wrap the huge braid to form this stunning shape.

Prom Updo hairstyles tutorials

Prom updo hairstyles tutorials about

Updos are the most commonly seen hairstyle on formal occasions as well as for proms and parties. They can be combined with all types of dresses with their adorable and chic look.

Messy updo tutorial

Messy updo tutorial about

This messy updo has more volume and twists. Part your hair in two and make a simple bangs out of the back part. Twist the bangs into a bun and wrap the front layers around the base.

Messy Braided Updo Hairstyle for Blonde Hair

Messy braided updo hairstyle for blonde hair over

This messy bun hairstyle looks stunning for blonde curly hair. The small braids on the side give this great prom look details.

Messy braided side updo

Messy Braided Side Updo over

The stylish, side braided bun is an ideal option for a perfect wedding hair look. It even looks beautiful in a messy shape. You can add a pretty hair accessory as needed.

Long blonde wavy hair for prom hairstyles

Long blonde wavy hair for prom hairstyles over

This mid-height hairstyle is the best choice to create an elegant look in a prom. You can pull the hair around your crown to add extra height to your hair look.

Long blonde curly hair for prom hairstyles

Long blonde curly hair for prom hairstyles over

This stunning curly hairstyle will definitely make you the center of every prom. You can use a hairpin to keep your long hair in place longer.

French braid updo

French Braid Updo about

This is a totally romantic and carefree look for your upcoming vacation. It has many tiny braids that overlap on both sides.

Double braided bun hairstyle tutorial

Double braided bun hairstyle tutorial about

This braided bun hairstyle looks cute and boho-chic. Divide your hair into two equal parts and braid them individually along the hairline. Combine them into a large pony and turn it into a nice bun.

Braided updo for prom hairstyles

Braided updo for prom hairstyles over

It looks fabulous if you make a little braid in the messy bun. You can style your long hair into curls with a curling iron to add extra body and volume to your hairstyle.

Nice loose updo tutorial

Nice loose updos tutorial about

To get this beautiful loose updo, you need to create a low bangs first. Then stick it to the end through the hole above the base and wrap the side parts of your hair. Finally, place a flower on top and fix it with hairspray.
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