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Beautiful Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

The latest hairstyle trends are very exciting for all of us. But do you know how to wear it fabulously to fit your individual hair type and face shape? Some expert advice on how to customize a short hairstyle for round faces requires your close attention here. Scroll down in this post and check out 18 beautiful short hairstyles for round faces in 2016 in the photo gallery below and get inspired!

A-line bob hairstyle for straight hair

A-line bob hairstyle for straight hair

A-line bob hairstyle for straight hair over

The A-line bob haircut is a perfect style for girls with round faces. The fabulous layers on the sides frame your face beautifully.

Asymmetrical short hairstyle

Asymmetrical short hairstyle via

The main trend for the women's hairstyle this season is the asymmetrical cut. It looks very glamorous when the hair is swept aside.

Long pixie hairstyle with highlights

Long pixie hairstyle with highlights

Layers are great for lengthening a round face when properly placed around the face. Go to a hairdresser to get a perfect design for your individual face shape.

Pink purple colored bob hairstyle

Pink purple colored bob hairstyle over

It's also a good idea to try out some pretty hair colors like purple, pink, and yellow, which can add lots of textures and depths to round face hairstyles.

Red wavy bob hairstyle

Red wavy bob hairstyle over

Short layers and random waves are currently the hottest looks for women with round faces. You will create a modern and contemporary style that fits almost anywhere.

Short bob hairstyle with bangs

Short bob hairstyle with bangs via

This short bob hairstyle looks very cute and flattering, with side layers at chin level and side bangs to highlight her beautiful eyes.

Short bob hairstyle for women over 50

Short bob hairstyle for women over 50 via

An easy way to get a much younger look for older women is choppy bangs. They help create a very flattering shape for your face.

Short fauxhawk hairstyle

Short fauxhawk hairstyle over

In the truest sense of the word, fauxhawk hairstyles should be the best option as they have increased volume at the top that can add extra height to a round face.

Short layered pixie hairstyle for blue hair

Short layered pixie hairstyle for blue hair over

There is no doubt that the eye-catching blue color distracts attention from your round or plump face and brightens up your overall look.

Edgy colored short hairstyle

Edgy Colored Short Hairstyle on

If you're too shy to experiment with a strong hair color beforehand, try this season. You will find a completely new side of yourself.

Short pixie hairstyle

Short pixie hairstyle over

The trendy pixie cut is also not a bad option for its absolutely current style. Make sure to complete the look with red lips for a more attractive effect.

Trendy short purple hairstyle

Trendy Short Purple Hairstyle Over

We can easily see that the pink and purple stripes are placed in a well-designed shape so that their round face appears thinner.

Short spikey hairstyle

Short spikey hairstyle over

This hairstyle is definitely flattering, with chunky layers at the top and heavily tapered sides that also help highlight her strong facial features.

Straight bob haircut

Straight bob haircut over

For girls who prefer simple styles, this model is perfect for you. It has a very clean cut on straight, straight hair and a lot of roundness and smoothness that you will love.

Short undercut hairstyle

Short undercut hairstyle over

We simply cannot cope with the beautiful two-tone hair colors of this style. We were also impressed with the distinctive double-layer design.

Short layered hairstyle

Short layered hairstyle over

It can create a super contemporary and casual style for women over 50 by tapering the strand into feather-light, ragged tips all over the head.

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