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Best Brown Hairstyles for Women –
Brunette Hair Color Ideas

Best Brown Hairstyles for Women – Brunette Hair Color Ideas

Have you ever wondered why brown hair is generally considered the classically most beautiful shade? Well that's easy. It's because of the versatility of brown hair. No matter what your personal taste is, your haircut or skin tone, you can guarantee that there is a brown hairstyle that suits you. From warm, light honey tones to deep, sultry chocolate and everything in between, there is no way to wear brunette hair. This flattering color is also great for the latest trends in hair fashion, including ombre, balayage and dip dyes. We believe that every girl should try this sweet shade at least once in her life, but we understand that no two people have the same style. So we searched high and low to find 20 of the best ways to rock brown hair this season.

Two tone choppy long bob (lob) – brown hair ideas for thick hair

The cut of this choppy bob is expertly edgy and guarantees a young and cool look. The soft, pretty shades of dark brown and a little lighter nutmeg, however, make the style softer and make it look totally girlish.

Wavy bob


Swept Blonde and Brown Ombre

Hairstyles are not much worse than this. If you're rocking brown and gold blonde ombre or balayage, split it deep on one side and sweep it in this cool, voluminous style.

Honey and brown hair


Layer Up – layered brown hairstyles for women

This hairstyle is all about the layers. These layers start short and choppy and extend to the bottom. They form a really unique shape in this warm, auburn hair.

Brown subtle waves


Wavy with bangs – layered, messy, shoulder-length, brown hair

Every aspiring beach baby should definitely try this hairstyle. Thick, full bangs frame the face perfectly, especially with those loose beach waves, and the sun-kissed golden balayage makes you look like you've just returned from a tropical island vacation.

Summer brown waves


Ombre curls – brown hair ideas for long hair

For a look that suits a princess, wear your hair straight and smooth in length, with the ends curling dramatically outwards. The gentle touches of Honey Ombre look incredible with these spiral curls.

Ombre curls


Dark to light ombre hairstyle for brunettes

Good Ombre is all about gradual fading. These long, flowing waves begin as the darkest shade of brown, but beautifully transition to light platinum blonde at the tips.

Ombre brown hair


Ideas for ash brown hair colors for long straight hair

Long, straight ash brown hair like this is the perfect way for naturally dark haired girls to experiment with lighter colors without causing damage from repeated bleaching and dyeing. The undertones in this color brighten the whole hair and work wonders for every skin tone.

Brown straight hair


Super slim

One of the best things about brown hair is that it makes your curls look more voluminous and healthier than ever. If you're lucky enough to have long hair like this model, try coloring it in a frosty ash brown and just wearing it that way.

Highlighted brown hair


caramel stripes

Are you looking for a way to give your long hair body and bounce? If so, here it is. Choppy layers, a carefree wave style and chunky caramel highlights make for a really lush look.

Straight long hair


pastel stripes

Very subtle pastel blues and greens have been added under the ash brown of this hairstyle. This quirky effect looks beautiful and makes your brown hair look youthful and fresh without being too greasy.

Cool tone hair


Mermaid waves

Here's another example of what stunning pastel shades can look like when they're hidden in ash brown hair. The silver blue stripes at the ends of these brunette waves look fit for a mermaid and are sure to turn heads.

Gray and brown hair


Wavy bob

The chin-length bob is a sure-fire way to look completely chic and trendy. This is a classic cut that will probably never go out of style. One way to update the look and make your personal mark is to dye your hair in different shades of brown and add some super soft, touchable waves.

Sun kiss bob


Wispy Waves

This classic shade of brown is a completely reserved and low-maintenance color. One way to spice up this look is to pull thin, perfectly curled waves through your hair. Even if your locks are usually fine or limp, you will find that this trick creates volume and definition.

Ash brown waves


Big waves and bangs

This hairstyle inspired by the forties has something very vintage. We just can't get enough of those big, springy curls and full face frames.

Ash Brown Bob


Windswept waves

These big, flowing waves are not only incredibly beautiful, they are also surprisingly easy to style. Get the look yourself by opting for maroon with gold balayage and adding some big, carefree curls.

Fall Brown Curls


Dark roots

Silky, perfectly spiral curls like this look like they came straight out of a fairy tale. This delicious shade of warm golden brown adds to the pretty look of the style. However, if you want to shake up the look, experiment with edgy dark roots.

Light brown hair


Brown balayage

Two stunning shades of brown complement each other perfectly in this ruffled hairstyle. The dark base brown is smooth and muggy, but the sweet caramel stripes brighten up the entire hair.

Slim long curly hair


Subtle balayage

The contrasting colors in the balayage hair do not have to stand out boldly. These long curls are a perfect example of how subtly some sun-kissed light brown accents can change your look.

Brown hair for blonde girls


Perfect curls

Most of us would need quite a bit of time and effort to recreate these smooth, spiral curls without a hair out of place. However, we are sure that you think it is worth it. Try this style out on your next big evening.

Light brown curls


Vibrant diving dye

This hairstyle is far from subtle. If you're looking for a guaranteed way to turn your head anywhere, this is the style for you. The very deep shade of brown changes dramatically into a brilliant blonde just before the hair becomes curly.

Two-tone hair


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