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Best Fall Hairstyle Ideas

They say that when the fall season approaches, you can feel a change in the air. After all, this is the time of year when the temperature cools down and the leaves turn stunning reds and golds before falling off the trees. In the midst of all these changes, we think this is also the ideal time to change your look. This is the season for bold tones like red and deep brown. If you want to perfectly match all of your autumn photos with the pretty falling leaves around you, get inspired by these 19 beautiful hairstyles. We may not be there yet, but it's never too late to plan your fall look.

Brunette waves

When summer comes to an end and the evenings get longer and a little colder, heat up with this warm shade of brown. Rich tones like this mahogany brown always make hair look healthy and shiny.

Chocolate brown hair


Red and blonde ombre

This grungy ombre hairstyle will likely yearn for this colorful autumn landscape. The warm reds and blondes look almost fiery and look stunning together.


Ombre curls

The ombre trend is almost everywhere right now, from the red carpet to the runway and everywhere in between. We can guarantee that this auburn and blonde ombre look will be hotter than ever before by fall. Dress it day and night with voluminous curls like this.


Blonde balayage bob

Fall looks are all about colors that blend smoothly. This is exactly why balayage is perfect for this season. The balayage effect in this blonde hair gives a lot of depth and dimension. The wavy bob ensures that the whole thing looks chic and stress-free.


Golden highlights

Don't worry if you fear the arrival of autumn will affect your tropical beach baby style. You can keep that summer vibe alive by adding beautiful gold stripes to your long surfer waves and making your hair look sun-kissed.


Copper ombre curls

It is known that copper tones give dark hair a healthy shine. Break up your pitch black curls this fall by adding caramel ombre shades and shaping them into big, springy curls.



Autumn is the season for pumpkin spice slats, gingerbread and crackling wood fires. For this reason, it's also the ultimate time of year to spice up your life and introduce an all-around red hue.


Long blonde balayage

The many different tones of this flowing hairstyle together create a wonderful caramel blonde effect. Designed in long, princess-like waves, this is a look that never goes out of style in any season.


Two-tone red ombre

This glowing hairstyle is almost like an optical illusion. The mixture of dark burgundy and strong ginger makes hair look longer and shinier than it already is.


Blue tinted ombre

Blue-black hair always looks shiny and in perfect condition. So why not color other shades of blue? These ombre curls were perfectly colored thanks to the very subtle shades of deep blue.


Pastel angled bob

Rose gold has been called the biggest color of 2016, and blunt, angled bobs will always be on trend. So if you love being one step ahead of the style game, treat yourself to this rosy pastel bob this fall.


Auburn waves

Auburn waves with a deep side part like this look incredibly humid. Try it and you will find that you are giving serious Jessica Rabbit vibes. Girls with a light complexion and cool undertones on the skin go particularly well with this hairstyle.


Icy blonde bob

Thanks to celebrities like Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lawrence, icy blonde bobs are currently all the rage. If you choose a hairstyle like this in the fall, you're guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.


Cherry-red ombre

Red hair is known to be versatile. Deep cherry can often be overlooked from all the many ruby ​​colors that range from strawberry blonde to light red. However, autumn is the perfect time to try this shade on the ends of your long brunette hair. This is great if you want to look creative yet subtle.


Balayage praise

The praise (short for Long Bob) is a flattering haircut that we've seen on Hollywood red carpets time and time again. Add some relaxed waves and sun-kissed caramel balayage to make your praise look healthier than ever.


Auburn curls

A touch of reddish brown can be the most flattering color for afro-textured hair. These curls were cut into a neat, precise bob and brought to life with subtle colors.


Black waves with pale burgundy highlights

If there was ever a time to drop your hair and spice up your look with big, flowing waves, it's fall. If your hair is all black by nature, you can add serious depth and dimension by coloring the ends with this stunning shade of pale pink burgundy. Keep in mind that it can take some time and a bit of bleaching, but we're sure you think the finished look is worth it.


Caramel Dark

Soft ombre, also known as somber, will be one of the biggest hairstyle trends this year. Sombre creates movement and shines particularly effectively on long hair. Don't let your color look dull or flat this fall, but add subtle caramel and honey blonde accents, like in this sweet, somber style.


Red and chestnut ombre

Here's another way to celebrate those maroon autumn tones this year. This hair color starts in a pretty reddish brown and ends at the tips as a chestnut. Curls make your hair bounce and make it look thicker and fuller than ever.


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