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Best Friend Tattoos

Best Friend Tattoos

Have a … best friend is great and almost everyone has one. There are many different ways to show that you love your best friend. You could have matching outfits, necklaces or bracelets from best friends, or maybe even post the same pictures on Instagram. A really good way to show how much you and your best friend love each other is to adapt tattoos, Even if you both love the same things, choosing a suitable tattoo can be difficult. Pretty Designs is here to make your decision a little easier with these 15 ideas BFF tattoos,

1. Song Lyric BFF Tattoo

Everyone has a song that they only share with their best friend. Getting a text from one of your favorite songs is a great idea if you are thinking of getting a quote instead of a design.

2nd arrow best friend tattoo

"Soul Sister" is just another term for your best friend, isn't it? If your best friend is your soul sister, think about getting these matching tattoos. Arrows are also a classic tattoo idea. So why not install one?

3. Sun and Moon Best Friend Tattoo

If you and your best friend are day and night, this is a perfectly fitting tattoo. It is true that the opposite attraction and maintenance of these two opposites could be a perfect symbol of your friendship.

4. Pinky Promise Best Friend Tattoo

If you and your best friend have been friends since childhood, this nostalgic tattoo could be for both of you. Pinky's promises are such a cute symbol of a lifelong friendship and will definitely make you smile every time you see them.

5. Two heart best friend tattoos

This could be another option if you and your best friend are completely opposite. Getting two hearts, one white and one black, could be your dynamic. They are also very small when you both need to cover them.

6. Small heart best friend tattoo

Hearts are a classic idea for tattoos from best friends. They're just what most friendships should be, and they're small when you both need to cover them up.

7. Feather Best Friend Tattoo

The best friend tattoos that go together just have something cool. With the different directions in which the springs go, they fit your BFFs exactly and make both look even more synchronized.

8. Wings Best Friend Tattoo

Best friends sometimes feel like our guardian angels. So why not have angel wings tattooed? These tattoos have such a complicated design and can be colored with your favorite colors.

9. Miles to the Moon Best Friend Tattoo

This is frankly one of the most unique tattoo ideas I've ever seen. These two best friends always said "I love you to the moon and back" so they actually got how many miles it was to the moon. Such a cool and refreshing concept!

10. Stick Figure Best Friend Tattoos

Having a best friend over long distances can be difficult, but you'll feel like you're always with these tattoos. The relapse of the two girls who speak on the can phones is adorable and makes you and your best friend feel like children again.

11. "You Are My Person" Best Friend Tattoo

Most best friends love Grey's Anatomy. So why not have a piece of the show tattooed on you? The quote "You are my person" has been blown up and is a symbol for the best friends around the world. You can even add a little icon on the bottom that means something to you and your BFF.

12. Three best friends tattoo

If you have two best friends, don't worry, I haven't forgotten you! Sun, moon and stars are a fun way to incorporate three symbols without one of you feeling left out

13. X and O & # 39; s Best Friend Tattoo

X and O are adorable designs and a cute way to demonstrate your friendship. The small hearts also emphasize the symbols perfectly.

14. Three best friends tattoos 2

If you and your best friends have a goofy side, get these dinosaur tattoos! They are so simple drawings, but they look so cute in the end.

15. Paper plane Best Friend Tattoo

This is a great matching tattoo if you and your best friend have a long distance friendship. It connects you both when you can't be together and the little heart on the way is such a cute little addition.

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