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Best Ideas for Hair Salon Posters

Decorating a beauty or hair salon requires special attention from its owner. When choosing a decor, a salon owner must not only consider his personal taste, but also think about the comfort of the customer. If you've decided to decorate your hair salon with posters but don't know exactly what to choose, check out the following nine ideas Hair salon poster,

Hairstyles for women (5)

Haircut posters

A haircut poster

The posters with different types of haircuts for men and women are the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to wall decorating hairdressing salons. There may be random photos of beautiful haircuts, or an entire table dedicated to different types of haircuts and the face shapes they match. You can also take photos of your master's works and turn them into posters.

Hairstyle poster

A barbershop hairstyle poster

Hairstyle posters for salons are almost a must. You can place photos of your hairdresser's work, celebrity pictures or just pictures that show interesting hairstyle ideas. Such posters are very much appreciated by brides or girls who need to have their hair done for a special occasion. In addition, hairstyle posters are also useful for hairdressers.

Hair posters for salon, showing hair colors

A range of hair colors

Blonde, red and black hair salon posters are among the most common hair color images. More creative owners of hairdressing salons prefer to use the pictures with more original hair colors, including multi-colored ones. A palette of all possible hair colors is also a good choice for a hair salon. Sometimes you can get them for free from companies that manufacture hair dyes, or you can use a large number of other companies that better match the interior of your salon.

Poster with interesting hair coloring techniques

An ombre color poster

Nowadays there are many interesting ways to dye hair. It is hardly possible that your customers know everyone. Very often a customer comes and doesn't know what he or she wants. In order to make the visitors of your salon more competent, the posters can be used, which show different methods and techniques of hair coloring from a slight ombre effect to bright highlights. Such images can also include information about the trendiest types of hair coloring or the combination of colors that look good.

Poster with beard and mustache styles

Men's hairstyles with beards and mustaches

Men generally visit fewer hairdressing salons than women and of course spend less time there. However, this does not mean that all posters are only for women. You need at least one poster for male customers. For example, you can print a poster that contains information about different types of men's haircuts or those with mustache and beard styles. Both photos and graphic images are used for such posters.

Vintage hair poster

A barber shop poster in vintage style

Vintage posters are suitable for a variety of furnishing styles and are therefore often used for wall decoration in the salon. They are usually very bright and can liven up the interior, even if they are the only decorative pieces in the room. The number of real vintage hair salon posters for sale is not very large and the prices are quite high. Instead, you can order an absolutely new poster that has been designed and printed in retro style. It is cheaper and does not require any additional effort from you.

Hair Care Posters

A hair care procedure

The images depicting different hair care procedures can also be a good decoration for a hair salon. This gives your customers an idea of ​​what they're going to go through by just looking at a picture on the wall. You can also place some helpful information for your customers. For example, the posters that will help you discover some secrets on how to care for your hair at home, how to properly comb it, or how to choose the right hairstyle for your face shape.

Funny hair posters

A funny hair salon poster

Humor is a great way to relieve tension and make everyone feel comfortable. So it is a good idea to find a funny picture dedicated to hair care and hairdressers. It can be funny hairstyle posters, comic pictures, animal pictures, hair treatments, jokes about hairdressers, etc.

Inspirational poster

A nice long hair poster

An inspiring decor will also look harmonious in the interior of the hairdressing salon. The topic can be directly related to hair problems. For example, you can hang up a poster with beautiful hair that inspires your customers to take more care of themselves and become more frequent visitors to your salon. Or you can use inspiring images that are not directly related to hair, but make your customers feel more comfortable in your salon, for example in a landscape. The posters with inspiring quotes are also used in barbershops. They usually contain sentences about beauty or motivational quotes from famous people.

We hope you found our advice useful and now you know how to decorate the walls of your salon. We wish you inspiration for this troubled but exciting process.

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