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Best Mid-length Bobs

Would you like a new hair look after experiencing your long hair? We recommend trimming your long hair a little and styling a medium length bob. Medium length bobs are the best choice for your new look. The styling of a bob not only serves to cut the damaged hair ends, but also to prepare for a long hair look again.

Bobs are loved by women because they fit every face shape and hair color. In fact, there are bobs of different colors and styles. They can easily be divided into straight bobs and curly bobs. Bobs in particular can always bring a youthful mood, while curly bobs give women an ultra-feminine mood. Whether you wear a straight or a curly bob, your face is well outlined by the hairstyles.

Despite the bob styles, the bob bangs are another element to popularize the hairstyle. Either straight bobs or curly bobs can be paired with blunt bangs, wispy bangs or swept bangs. Bobs with bangs hide women's foreheads, but brighten their eyes and sometimes shorten their faces.

Here are some medium length celebrity bobs. Let's see how they rock these bob hairstyles. Get inspired and trim a pretty bob later.

Classic bob

Classic bob

Bob with Wispy Bangs

Blonde bob

Curly Bob

Long faux bob

Bob framing the face

Straight bob with long side part

Beachy bob with side parting

Long bob with subtle waves

Straight bob with side parting

Slim bob with blunt bangs

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