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Beth Lucas Tattoos & Meanings

Celebrity Tattoos – Beth Lucas Tattoos & Meanings

Beth Lucas tattoos are a really well-planned series of skin art pieces that she's been working on for about six years. Beth is an incredibly talented acoustic guitarist and singer-songwriter from Brisbane, Australia and the United States different The special thing about Beth Lucas tattoos is that they are incredibly artistic and original!

Beth Lucas & # 39; Tattoos – Right Arm

In this great picture of Beth's appearance, she has a beautiful tattoo with full sleeves on her right arm. This is the largest of Beth Lucas & # 39; tattoos and contains a mix of traditional images, including climbing roses, a dagger, a Victorian heart-shaped gold lock without a key, a snake and a small birdcage on the inside of her arm!

Beth Lucas tattoos

Beth Lucas tattoos

(Beth Lucas & # 39; Tattoos – climbing roses in the right sleeve)

The golden castle heart is on the back of her elbow and symbolizes that her heart is free. It is a keyhole through which we can see something blue, indicating wide blue horizons and crossing a blue ocean.

There is a clear feeling that the rest of the English-speaking world is waiting through this Australian "keyhole" to be explored and conquered by Beth and her music!

Beth Lucas Tattoos – heart-shaped keyhole lock on the right elbow

Beth Lucas tattoos – thighs

Taken from an original canvas picture by Tilly Dee, the tattoo artist at Holy skin tattoo, this picture was inspired by the song, Do I have to remind you?, until First League and contains the text "I wish time was on our side , , , "

I have never seen such a fabulous tattoo like this old-fashioned hourglass surrounded by purple roses with pink tips. There is also an antique gold pocket watch with a blue and white striped dial and the gold chain winds in and around the beautiful bouquet!

Beth Lucas Tattoos – "I wish time was on our side" by Tilly Dee

Tattoos on Beth's left leg

To demonstrate the importance of music in Beth's life, she has a large treble clef symbol in black tattooed on the back of her right calf.

Beth Lucas Tattoos – Treble Clef Music Symbol Right Leg

Beth Lucas tattoos – left arm

Beth Lucas Tattoos – Vintage Microphone with Roses

These tattoos of an old-fashioned microphone are already on her inner left arm, surrounded by bright red roses and leaves.

Cassette heart and Gothic cross

Beth Lucas Tattoos – Gothic Cross and Cassette Heart

On the outside of her left arm is a funny black outline tattoo of a cassette around which the loose heart-shaped tape is drawn. This shows Beth's love for great musicians of the past.

There is a small "x" tattoo that Beth says is a kiss, but we don't know who! And a really cool "Squiggle" tattoo, which is actually the Thai "lucky number" 9!

Pegasus / unicorn "freedom" tattoo

Beth Lucas tattoos – red unicorn by Ash Against

Another of the fabulous Beth Lucas tattoos touches mythology with this beautiful chestnut unicorn with wings! It is the work of a talented tattoo artist Ashes against, of 198 tattoo, and is located directly under the cassette heart.

Beth Lucas Tattoos – Original Flash Art picture for winged unicorn

This tattoo is a quirky mix of the unicorn – a white horse with a sharp, twisted horn on its forehead – and Pegasus, the famous white flying horse of ancient Greek myths.

This original twist shows a chestnut winged unicorn. Full marks to tattoo artist Ash Against for this impressive image of "Freedom" in Beth Lucas Tattoos!

Beth's tattoos – upper left arm

Beth Lucas Tattoos – shiny Christian cross on the left arm

The shiny Christian cross tattooed on Beth's left upper arm is drawn in Gothic style as a black outline tattoo, with lines that show that it glows with holy light!

Beth Lucas Tattoos – Cherub on the left upper arm

The cute, black-outlined cherub, surrounded by clouds and blowing a trumpet, is another Christian image that has different religious meanings.

Beth Lucas matching tattoos

Beth has a matching tattoo with her boyfriend that makes two linked sets when they put their four wrists together. Beth's tattoo words say "Born Free" and her friend's "Live Free" in flowing vintage handwriting style!

Beth Lucas Tattoos – Born Free and Live Free

"We are in love" poetry

And another picture of love and freedom appears in the little blue diamond covered by a tiny flying swallow. It is on Beth's chest (right side) with her own texts – "We are in love", tattooed on the side.

Beth Lucas & # 39; Tattoos – Diamond, Swallow and Lyric on Chest

Which of Beth Lucas tattoos is your favorite?

Beth Lucas Tattoos – initials from family members

During a recent television interview, Beth was asked which is her favorite tattoo. She replied that she loves them all except them favorite must be her family's initials tattooed on her inner left arm.

Will Beth Lucas tattoos cover other areas of her body?

Yes, Beth said she is planning two full sleeve tattoos and one full sleeve tattoo on each thigh. But she plans carefully and says:. , Good things take time and I'm not in a hurry right now. "

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