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Block heel shoes for women

One of the most popular heels for women is the block heel. For block heels, in addition to wedge heels, some of the most comfortable shoes are with heels. The heel is quite large in what makes the wearer to it Distribute weight very well can. Because the heels are a little wider, you won’t be unbalanced and you can walk easily all evening. The block heel is particularly suitable for boots very attractiveUsually the straight shaft of a boot makes a thicker calf, or rather a thicker leg. In connection with the bootleg The block heel extends the leg however optically and conjures up long and slender legs. Buying a shoe thus combines the two most important components: comfort and elegance. You can wear the block heel for any occasion as block heels embodies a sense of style. Block heels look great in the office too. Block heels are also impressive in skirts or skinny jeans. The reason for this is the versatility of the models and designs of the block heels.

Different types

Explore different types of block heels. There is a wide variety of block heel shoes to choose from. Shoes with block heels are included

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