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Block heeled pumps for women

Block heeled pumps for women

Comfortable yet elegant, robust and yet feminine – These are block heel pumps. These very special shoes are not only suitable for the date or the parties, but are also suitable for everyday use in the office or on the go. The secret of this miracle pump: The very wide heel supports the heel and offers breathtaking comfort. You will love these shoes!

May it be something more?

When you think of high heels, most ladies fall usually super fine, thin heels a, which stretch the leg of the wearer in an advantageous manner and thus make it optically slimmer. The disadvantage of these shoes: they make feet not only beautiful but also painful. Hardly any woman can stand on such heels for a whole day. And Carrie Bradshaw doesn’t change that, who tirelessly trudges through New York on her (sinfully expensive) high heels in the TV series “Sex and the City” and doesn’t even give up her luxury models in her own home. Anyone who thinks this is just a big scam and still understands why Carrie loves high heels so much should probably consider getting a pair of block heels. Somewhere settle between penny and wedge heel This shoe variant has been back in fashion for some time. This is not only good news for leading brands that have willingly included the shoe models in their collections, but also for fashion victims who combine style and comfort and want to get through the day painlessly despite high heels.
Pumps with a block heel are characterized above all by their concise side view. When viewed from the front, they look like any other pump. Only in profile do they reveal theirs Peculiarities and characteristic featuresThe heel not only serves its purpose, but also becomes an essential design feature of the shoe.

Anyone who fears that pumps with block heels will appear too bulky can calm down at this point. In contrast to wedge heels, block heels never lose their fine character due to the gap to the front sole. Often leading brands like Tamaris also play with the robust appearance of the heel and combine it with them very light and feminine design featuresThe result is different types that look great in all sizes.
Summer sandals and playful peep-toes with block heels impress with their contrasts and make shoe hearts beat faster. Also playing with different material Like patent leather, suede, or suede, all block heel pumps make different types to complete your shoe cabinet.
If you want to stand out from the crowd, you should create a model with a plateau. This choice promises to be an exciting pair of shoes for a variety of occasionsWhether a dance evening or an extravagant dinner event – such a shoe is not only eye-catching, but also absolutely comfortable. Especially women with small sizes can make a real fashion statement with such a shoe!
Even more variety is achieved with different colors. Block heel pumps look particularly good


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