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Blue Hair Trend: Mermaid-inspired Hair

Blue Hair Trend: Mermaid-inspired Hair

If you mention the story of the mermaid, you can not only surprise the beauty of the mermaid, but also try out a look inspired by the mermaid. Blue color plays an important role in designing a mermaid look as it means the ocean. Today we're going to introduce you girls to some hair inspired by blue mermaids.

Do you remember that Katy Perry is known for her blue hair look? The celebrity looks bizarre and ultra-pretty in the blue bob. She uses the bob to silhouette her face and cover part of her face so that she looks awesome. Why not steal the look from Katy Perry and style your own blue hair to cool off the season? Actually, the hair can also be styled in the ombre. Whether dark blue or light blue, can create a great look.

Let's take a look at the post. I hope you choose one of the designs to create a new look for summer. Enjoy!

Katy Perry Blue Bob

Katy Perry Blue Bob over

Light blue hair

Light blue hair over

Blue highlights

Blue highlights above

Blue ends

Blue ends over

Blue curls

Blue curls over

Two-tone hair

Two-tone hair over

Blue ombre hair

Blue ombre hair over

Purple hair with blue ends

Purple hair with blue ends over

Blue and purple hair

Blue and purple hair over

Dip dyed hair

Dip dyed hair over it

Mermaid hair

Mermaid hair over

Pretty blue hair

Pretty blue hair over

side panel

Side part over

Subtle blue waves

Subtle blue waves over

Blue short hair

Blue short hair over

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