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Boho-Chic Hairstyles

Boho hairstyles are one of the most romantic ways to deal with long hair for girls. They can help clear your mind and make a statement about your personality. It's great to combine this hairstyle with a gorgeous maxi dress as a relaxed vacation look. You can style your bohemian hair with dreadlocks, braids, or flowers as you like. Check out 30 boho-chic hairstyles for 2016 in this post and hope you find your next look!

If you are interested in bohemian, the braided halo is the perfect choice. The sweet braid looks like a headband over the forehead. You can also tie a scarf instead. Here's an easy way to create wavy beach hairstyles for lazy girls. Divide your hair into two equal parts and twist them individually. Sleep and relax in the morning. You get a very natural look without using a hot iron.

Boho-chic hairstyle for long hair

Boho-chic hairstyle for long hair

Boho-chic hairstyle for long hair / Pinterest

Boho Braid Tutorial

Boho Braid Tutorial / Pinterest

Boho bridal hairstyles

Boho bridal hairstyles / Pinterest

Boho-chic crown braid

Boho-chic Crown Braid / Pinterest

Boho-chic hairstyle for curly hair

Boho-chic hairstyle for curly hair / Pinterest

Boho-chic hairstyle for ombre hair

Boho-chic hairstyle for Ombre Hair / Pinterest

Boho-chic hairstyle for wavy hair

Boho-chic hairstyle for wavy hair / Pinterest

Boho-chic hairstyle with flowers

Boho-chic hairstyle with flowers / Pinterest

Boho-chic hairstyles for girls

Boho-chic hairstyles for girls / Pinterest

Boho-chic side braid

Boho-chic side braid / Pinterest

Boho-chic summer braid

Boho-chic Summer Braid / Pinterest

Boho-chic wedding hairstyles

Boho-chic wedding hairstyles / Pinterest

Cool boho chic hairstyle

Cool boho chic hairstyle / Pinterest

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