15 Best Hiking Boots for Women - Top Women's Hiking Boots 20

Boots for women

Boots are usually made of leather and are part of classic shoe fashion. They are available in many different shapes and forms for both women and men, and some have zippers for easier entry.

Classification of the boots category

The boot, also called boot in English, is a shoe whose shaft extends at least over the ankle.

Types of boots

The length of the shaft depends on the type and purpose of the shoe. There are boots with shafts that come down to the ankle, mid-calf, knee and even above the knee. There are the following types of boots:

Boot models for men and women often differ only in the shape of the strips on which the boot is made, but also in the length and shape of the shaft, e.g. B. the cut handle or the stocking cut shaft. Boots were especially popular in the 19th century, where they came in many shapes.

Fit and possible features

In order for a shoe to fit the wearer well and enable him to ride comfortably, it must be close to the back of the foot. Customers should bear this in mind when trying them on in the shoe store, because if the shoe sits too far in this area, this can lead to uncomfortable chafing. Many trunk models have a lock on the shaft consisting of a

When buying, make sure that this area is lined to avoid damaging the underwear such as tights.


The material from which the boots are made is strongly related to their later use. This is what everyday boots normally look like

  • tanned smooth leather
  • Fabric or
  • synthetic material

manufactured. Boots with a specific application such as rubber boots, hiking boots or fishing boots are usually made of materials that are particularly suitable for a specific use, such as

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