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Boots with block heel for women

Boots with block heel for women

Boots are incredibly versatile shoes. While some look very elegant and filigree, others are characterized by their almost rustic appearance. This group includes eight boots with block heels and stimulate thus the ladies. The characteristics of these shoes should be explained quickly. In addition to a high shaft, these boots are characterized by a block heel. In contrast to stiletto or penny heels, this is very wide and flat. However, you can block sales Not to be confused with a wedge heelbecause it is not continuous, but has a gap between the football and the sole.

Strong heels for strong women

The advantage of block sections is that they are extra comfortable. Again, this can be included in the list of characteristics of block heel boots. In this way Dimensions relatively even On the feet distributed Block heel boots are the perfect shoes for everyday occasions, but where you don’t want to go without a heel.

The most common material used in these shoes is leather – closely followed by suede and suede. This robust material goes best with the very dominant appearance of block heels and ensures that the entire shoe package is very round and even.

Different types of block heel boots are available

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