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Boots with studs for women

Boots with studs for women

Do you like to fall Do you like to show your wild side? Did you don’t be afraid of failed applications and details? Then boots with studs are just right for you and your style. These very fancy shoes are not just for real biker ladiesbut also all the other ladies who like to express their hard side.

The shoe for all glam rock queens

The characteristics of boots with rivets are listed relatively quickly. These are boots – these are shoes with a very high wave – which are decorated differently with rivets. Different types have very different rivets and so it happens that studded boots very versatile shoes are.

The most common material used for studded boots is leather. This highlights the rock character The shoes are perfect and stand in an interesting contrast to the often sparkling and shiny rivetsBut not only the material, but also the rivets themselves make it clear that the shoes are only for real women.

Boots with rivets, which are also very reminiscent of biker boots, are not suitable for beautiful occasions. When you choose these shoes, you want to grab attention and get one rather wild and rocking outfit Complete. Studded boots in the overknee version are particularly exciting.

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