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Bracelets are a popular bracelet for women and men alike. The different types of bracelets range from gemstone metal bracelets to simple silver bracelets with pearls to casual and trendy leather straps.

Classification of the bracelets category

Bracelets are pieces of jewelry that are worn and wrapped around the lower part of the forearm or wrist.

Properties and materials

In contrast to the bangle, the bracelet is flexible and usually consists of a movable chain link made of different materials. Classic bracelets are out

and consist of several small chain links. In addition, other materials are often integrated into the bracelet, such as

which provide the special highlight. Bracelets are also popular

  • Noble and
  • Gemstones or
  • Strass,

through which the jewelry really sparkles.

Variable bracelets

For some time, bracelets have been very modern and consist of different modules that can be put together. These are usually filled with symbols, for example lucky symbols, and can be put together in any order. Of course, they can be exchanged according to their own taste and their composition varied repeatedly. This bracelet can be easily pulled by hand, unlike the usual bracelets, which are usually closed with a snap hook.

Friendship bracelets

So-called friendship bracelets have a very special meaning

to symbolize another person.

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