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Braid Hairstyles for Your Weekend

Braid Hairstyles for Your Weekend

What will you bewitched for your weekend look? Dresses or jeans? What hairstyle will you wear for both dresses and jeans? It has to be braids. It is versatile for girls to style a braid for their pretty outfits, as the braids not only give you a pretty hair look, but can also combine your makeup or outfits well.

Prettydesigns shows you some elegant braid ideas in today's post. They can be in different styles to silhouette your face shapes and they are sure to make a great look. You can style a side braid, a mermaid braid, a loose braid … There are pretty good ideas to spice up your hair on the weekend.

Here are the ideas. Try them out and be inspired.

side braids

They're not just side braids. Try to improve your traditional side braids. If you're inspired by the faux hawk hair, you can make some cool side braids like this. Pull the locks aside and make braids for the other side. However, useful tricks help a lot. Why not just add twisted or bangs to spice up the traditional side braids?
Cornrow side braids

Cornrow Side Braids over

Side part with braids

Side part with braids over

Ombre hair with side braiding

Ombre hair with side braid over

Curly side part with braids

Curly side part with braids over

Mo-Hawk like braided hair

Mo-hawk Like Braided Hair over

Dull side braid

Side stunt braid over

Bridal side braid

Wedding side braid over

Inside-out side braid

Inside-out side braid over

Pretty side braid

Pretty side braid over

Long twisted braid

Long twisted braid over

Mermaid braids

Girls will not miss mermaid braids because they look extremely beautiful in the hairstyles.

Colorful mermaid braid

Colorful mermaid braid over

Mermaid braid for curly hair

Mermaid braid over for curly hair

Pretty mermaid braid

Pretty mermaid braid over

Summer mermaid braid

Summer Mermaid Braid over

Mermaid braid with crown braids

Mermaid Braid with Crown Braids over

Fish tail mermaid

Fish tail mermaid over

Mermaid braid for wedding dress

Mermaid braid over for wedding dress

Messy Mermaid Braid

Messy Mermaid Braid over

Romantic mermaid braid

Romantic mermaid braid over

Twisted Mermaid Braid

Twisted Mermaid Braid over

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