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Braided Hairstyles for Girls

There are endless ways to create a braid for girls. From traditional British braid, Dutch braid, French braid to fishtail braid, you can choose any one depending on the occasion. The latest trend for braided hairstyles is to weave a piece of fabric to give your hairstyle a color stain. Follow us with 16 awesome braided hairstyles and be ready to be dazzled!

Nice braided ponytail hairstyle

Nice braided ponytail hairstyle

Cute braid ponytail hairstyle over

The low ponytail looks elegant and interesting, with a crown braid on the top. It is created in a diagonal line and ends around the neck.

DIY braid hairstyle for red hair

Nice braided hairstyle for medium hair over

It will look extremely cute to create the loop braid for your hairstyle. It is the best way to make your hair interesting and fun.

DIY braid hairstyle for red hair

DIY braid hairstyle for red hair over

The waterfall braid looks lush and breathtaking on straight, straight hair. The entire hairstyle is greatly enhanced by the beautiful wine tone.

DIY ponytail braid for long hair

DIY Braid Into ponytail for long hair over

It's an interesting way to put a little braid in the ponytail. This time, you can wrap the rest of the hair over the braid to form an amazing structure.

Fishtail French Braid Hairstyle

Fishtail French Braid Hairstyle Over

This messy fishtail braid looks very stunning and charming on straight hair. You can place a pretty hair accessory over the hole for a polished look.

Fishtail Twist Braid hairstyle for the vacation

Fishtail twist braid hairstyle for vacation over

The braid hairstyle would appear more interesting and attractive with twisted details. The top layers are also braided and attached around the head.

French braid for ombre hair

French braid for ombre hair via

The best way to deal with thick hair is to braid it. It looks even more beautiful with the hottest ombre color for the noble French braid.

French braids for summer

French braid for summer over

This French braid ponytail is pretty impressive with the perfect pattern on blonde ombre hair. It can be a great option for cool summer hairstyles.

Heart braid hairstyle design for long hair

Heart braid hairstyle design for long hair over

We can also create a beautiful heart shape on the head with our hair. This cute braided hairstyle is the best choice for a special day.

Braided ponytail hairstyle

Braided ponytail hairstyle over

The simple ponytail looks fabulous in a high position above the crown. You can weave in a piece of fabric for more glamor factors.

Lacey braided hairstyle

Lacey braided hairstyle over

This lace braid looks way too gorgeous as different strands are added during the braiding process. You can apply some styling products for extra hold and shine.

Messy side braid hairstyle for girls

Messy Side Braid hairstyle for girls over

The braided ponytail hairstyle is very easy to make for girls. You can split your hair into three equal parts and braid it loosely over one side of your shoulders.

Messy Half Up Fishtail Hairstyle

Messy Half Up Fishtail Hairstyle Over

It will look stylish and boho chic to create a mid-height hairstyle with braids. The messy fishtail braid in the middle can earn more head turns on the street.

Braided ponytail hairstyle on the side

Side braided ponytail hairstyle over

It's a great way to create a loose side ponytail with your long, wavy hair that gives your hairstyle a flattering shape.

Snake braid hairstyle idea

Snake braid hairstyle idea about

The beautiful snake braid looks better on very long hair. You can style the rest of the hair slightly tousled for more natural textures and movements.
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