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Braided Hairstyles

Braided hairstyles are worn by girls not only for wedding celebrations, but also for many occasions. They consist of several strands of hair and come from different styles or colors. Braids are becoming popular for its different styles. When it's spring, girls like to show a braided waterfall to experience the sunny day. When it's summer, they like to pull up a braid and create a braided bun.

Braided hair is one of my favorite hairstyles for me. I often braid a fishtail braid for outgoing. Furthermore, there is nothing better than completing a floral dress with braided hair on a sunny day.

To be honest, braided hairstyles are versatile for every girl. If you want to wear glasses, you can wear a fishtail braid without bangs. If you're wearing pants on a hot summer day, you can wear double braids to show off a vital look.

Swiss Post offers you 14 ideas for braided hairstyles. You can check them and find your favorites. However, some of the ideas take a lot of time and skills, so you'll need your patience. Get inspired!

Messy braided hair

Messy braided hair

Braided hair

Demanding braids

Double braids

bride braid

Waterfall braid

part braid

Ribbon braided hair

Triple braided hair

French plait

Pretty braid

Fishtail braid for blonde hair

Fishtail braid

Nice braid

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