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Braided Ways to Style Your Long Hair

What hair do you want to inspire this spring? Long curls or a straight look? Why don't you just prank your long hair? Spring is the right time for every girl to enchant braided hair. Take off your winter hat and enjoy the breeze of spring.

We are here to offer you a lot of tutorials to get a pretty hair look. Today's post is all about braids. In the post you will find braided half top, braided buns or braids. Step-by-step instructions follow. You can just stay with us and find out your favorite braid.

Try to be professional in styling hair looks with our post. Always remember that practice makes perfect.
crown braids

crown braids

Crown braids over

Simple waterfall network

Easy Waterfall Braid via

Ingenious braided bangs

Awesome braided bangs over

Twisted waterfall network

Twisted Waterfall Braid over

Boho braid

Boho Braid over

Updo with three braids

Three braid updo over

Easy Braid Chignon

Easy Braid Chignon over

spring rolls

Spring rolls over

Braided bun on the side

Side braided bun over

Ballerina bun

Ballerina Bun via

side braid

Side braid over

Triple braids

Triple braids over

double braid

Double braid over

Fishtail braid

Fishtail braid over

Hippie braid

Hippie braid over

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