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Breeches Fashion

Breeches Fashion

The riding breeches are stretchy trousers with leather trim that are worn in equestrian sports. The leather trimmings are usually made of real leather and range from the approach of the buttocks to the knees and long breeches to the ankles.

Classification of the breeches category

Breeches are available in different designs, from robust everyday breeches to classy competition trousers.

Cut and materials

The breeches are cut in such a way that the inner seam of the thigh is flat enough that it does not interfere with driving or even press – some cuts do not require a stride length. One distinguishes

  • Breeches boots
  • Jodhpurs and
  • Trousers.

The inside of the breeches is made of sturdy material – better with wash leather – protected from heavy use of the saddle. Breeches are with

  • Partly or
  • Full leather trim

available; The full leather trim extends over the seat area. Everyone can decide for themselves which variant is more comfortable to wear. Even if the discounter’s breeches are still so cheap – if they feel uncomfortable, they will soon disappear into the back corner of the closet.

Do not resort to cheap models

Many cheap models have a bad cut; Breeches that don’t fit, pinch quickly or wrinkle in the most unfavorable places. An active driver has to get into the riding breeches once in the morning and feel comfortable in them until the evening. Hardly any rider on a hike wears evening wear with it – there are good breeches, as a second skin is a must.

So don’t save on your own breeches, the breeches must first and foremost be robust and comfortable and only secondarily cheap.

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