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Bridal Shoes

What are bridal shoes?

Definition: Also bridal shoes Wedding shoes These are white, cream-colored or pink-colored, mostly very delicate shoes, most of which have a higher heel. Classic bridal shoes belong to the category of pumps.

In addition to the wedding dress, bridal shoes are the most important detail in the bride’s outfit. It was not for nothing that there was a custom in the D-Mark era when girls got theirs Collect a few cents should later buy her bridal shoes from it. This custom should encourage future brides to be thrifty – a virtue that, of course, is less common among shoe lovers. For the latter, in eBay times the wedding custom is more appropriate, in which the bride’s shoes are auctioned.

Many bridal shoes are covered with fine materials such as satin and have details such as pearl embroidery, sequins, roses or bows. If you don’t want to part with your bridal shoes after the wedding, you can store them as a decorative item in a shoe organizer so that the bridal shoes can be admired long after the wedding.

Are bridal shoes and white pumps two different types of shoes?

Basically there is no difference between wedding shoes and white pumps. A bridal shoe can only be distinguished from white pumps by its rich ornaments and filigree style. The transitions between apparently separated shoes are fluid. If you plan to wear your bridal shoes for normal occasions after the wedding too, you should make sure that they don’t have too many uses and that they are made of an easy-care material.

The guide to bridal shoes

In which models are there bridal shoes?

Bridal shoes are available in different models such as ballerinas or peep toes. So that the combination is harmonious, care should be taken that the wedding dress, the bridal bag and the wedding shoes can be combined well in terms of color and material. If the wedding dress is bright white, the bridal shoes must not be creamy.

Which bridal shoe suits me?

Depending on the time of year, the location and the ambience in which the wedding takes place, different bridal shoes can be the right ones. Since the wedding day should be the most beautiful day in the bride’s life, the perfect wedding shoe has to be one thing above all: comfortable. You should therefore choose the bridal shoes well and come home a few weeks before the wedding date.

Which bridal shoes can be combined with which bridal dress?

Every wedding dress is different – so there cannot be definitive advice on how to combine your bridal shoes at this point. A few Basic rules However, note the following:

The choice of bridal shoes largely depends on the length and the conspicuousness of the wedding dress: the more elaborately the dress is processed, the simpler the bridal shoes should be so that the overall picture does not appear cluttered. To long dresses with wide hoop skirts You can combine sandal-style bridal shoes or classic bridal shoes in the form of pumps. Incidentally, sling pumps look very classy in a delicate, not too bright white.

If you are one shorter wedding dress On the other hand, you can grab high heels. This combination is particularly suitable for short women, as both short dresses and high-heeled shoes visually lengthen the legs and at the same time make them appear slimmer. More tips for little women can be found here.

The women’s shoe dictionary wants you to find the perfect wedding shoes for your wedding!

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