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Bridal shoes

Bridal shoes

In addition to a dreamy wedding dress, the right bridal shoes must be made for the very special day in your life. These chic and mostly open or closed pumps are made of high quality material such as satin or fine leather.

Classification of the bridal shoes category

The bridal shoe used to be a white shoe; Depending on what time of year the wedding took place, it was a pump or an open shoe. Today it is no longer the rule for a bride to marry in white, so a bridal shoe is no longer necessarily white.

Possible selection criteria

It is allowed what you like and what goes particularly well with the wedding dress. More and more brides are choosing a wedding dress that is not white but corresponds to their personality. In many cases, the choice falls on a dress that, on average, corresponds to the wedding dress, but has a different color.

Often the bride and groom also choose items of clothing with which they associate a hobby such as medieval costume. In addition to the color, other factors are also decisive for the selection of bridal shoes. For example, it depends on the height of the bride and groom, because no bride wants to appear taller than her groom at the wedding. The shape of the chosen wedding dress also influences the choice of bridal shoes.

For example, a dress that reaches the floor is inconvenient if the shoes are so high that they can be seen under the wedding dress. And for a short model, flat shoes are rather unfavorable because they visually shorten the legs.

Wedding customs

By the way, it is an old custom to pay the price of bridal shoes with 1 cent coins; that should bring good luck. The auction of the bridal shoe is also part of the duty; Here the wedding guests submit different bids; The highest, however, comes from the groom.

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