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Bun Updo Ideas for Long & Medium
  Length Hair

Bun Updo Ideas for Long & Medium Length Hair

What can you not love about the good, old-fashioned bun? This is one of the few hairstyles we can imagine that look just as perfect on casual days in an unkempt, effortless topknot as on a wedding day when it is perfectly cleaned and polished by a bride.

The reason biscuits Looks so beautiful on so many different types of girls that they're perfect for flaunting stunning facial features and bone structures. Buns not only look beautiful, they are also practical and easy. Summer is almost here after all, so we all need a style that keeps our hair away from our faces, stops the moisture that makes us frizzy, and generally makes us look cool. With so many examples of bun looks, it can be difficult to agree on just one.

Step by step messy bun updo tutorial for long hair

Step by step bun updo hair tutorials


This is really an elegant updo for dating!

Easy step-by-step hair tutorial: rose bun

26 amazing bun updo ideas for long and medium length hair


If you've popped through pinterest and rummaged through tumblr and are jealous of the endless amounts of pretty buns out there without knowing which ones to choose, this list should help you find your ideal style.

Stylish up-do

We usually stack all the volume and drama at the top of our up-do. This super fashionable bun gives the bun a unique touch by teasing and combing the bottom of the bun, creating a bizarre shape.

Twisted bun for curly hair


French twist

If your hair is as voluminous and bouncy as this girl's, then this relaxed style suits you. We love the waves in the French twist and the way they are accented by a few strips of caramel balayage.

Losses and cheeky bun


Keep it simple

It's hard to imagine that a hairstyle looks as simple and stylish as the humble bun. All you have to do to restore this look is to turn your ponytail into a nicely knotted bun and add a striking accessory.

Simple bun


Twisted bun

This chic chignon is really fairytale. The way the sides are twisted into a loose braid is really beautiful and the little bun in the back is also very pretty.

Braided bun on the side


High bun

No matter what texture or thickness your hair is, you will find that it looks big and beautiful when you wear it in this style. The bun was stacked high on the head and the entire crown was teased and combed back to add serious volume.

Chaotic bun


Chaotic twist

Make a statement to the world that you are a fun, relaxed, and carefree girl by trying this twisted bun. Wispy locks of hair have been pulled out of the tight knot and give off a cool, unvarnished atmosphere.

Losses rolls


Layered chignon updo

There are many different dimensions in this bun. You or your stylist need to cut the crown and wrap it in graded layers. Two pretty flowers perfectly balance this look, as does the chic bun on the neck.

Low bun with flowers


White flower bun

Here's another example of how perfectly buns and flower accessories fit together. These pretty blonde waves have been pulled back into a full-bodied bun and the cream-white flowers are a stunning addition.

Easy hair bun


Bandana bun

A hairstyle like this suits a quirky girl with a relaxed, bohemian side. The bottom of the hair has been braided into a stunning French braid and the bun itself is covered with a patterned headscarf.

Braided updo


Super slim

No hair is out of place in this perfect side bun. The combed black crown is so shiny that it may shimmer. We also love the unique twist of tying the bun on the side rather than the back.

page buns


Half up half down

Who says a bun needs to be swept off your face to look great? This style is ideal for trendy girls and the perfect mix of cool and casual. It looks particularly incredible with this angled, graduated bob.

Half up half do for medium length hair


Pastel topknot

Pastel tones and rainbow colors are currently very trendy. You might never have thought that an effortless topknot could look so magical, but this amazing turquoise tone really makes it stand out.

Green bun


fairytale buns

This bun looks like something a golden-haired girl would wear from a fairy tale. We love the whimsical knot and the wispy curls that frame the face beautifully.

Elegant twist bun


Triple bun

If you can't get enough of rolls, why not treat yourself to three? This triple bun up do is a real show stopper and this tall beehive adds a lot of drama.

Blond bun


Chopsticks accessories

This hairstyle is clearly inspired by the traditional hairstyles of Japan, China and other Asian countries. Though it's incredibly easy to get to, the twisted bun looks elegant and chic. Add chopstick accessories to make you look very charming.

Tight bun


Braided bun

No hairstyle is more exciting to experiment with than French braids. A thick braid in the middle of the hair and two smaller ones on both sides come together to make this bun really unforgettable.

Braided bun


Criss Crossed

We never thought that crossing opposite sections of hair could make a simple, low bun look so creative and entertaining. This hairstyle manages to make a simple structure look incredibly complicated and beautiful.

Wrapped bun


Low bun with braid

You can make even the simplest bun hairstyles look elaborate by adding a chic braid. This relaxed side braid transforms this low bun into a boho-chic beauty with very little effort.

Braided low bun


Low twist

An intentionally messy crown and loose strands make this frosty blonde bun look edgy and cool. The hair was twisted into a simple knot and tucked into the neck. This is the ultimate hairstyle for trendy yet lazy girls.

Low twisted bun


Hidden under buns

The crown of this hairstyle is big and bold, while the bun is understated and chic. We love the way the bun was twisted and stowed right in the neck, unlike the puffy hair in the style of the 1960s.

Low bun for highlighted hair


Simple Simply step by step half high bun updo

Step by step bun updo hair tutorials

via lulus.com

I love the style and hair color!

Simple daily messy bun updo for medium length hair step by step tutorial

Step by step bun updo hair tutorials

This updo is easy to do. Simple but nice!

Fast, easy, messy bun updo for the young mother – step by step hair tutorial

Step by step bun updo hair tutorials


Quick and easy to create this messy top bun bun hairstyle!

Lazy Girls guide to mastering the messy bun

Step by step bun updo hair tutorials

Plus: we've added 2 beautiful step-by-step updos that you might want to try.

Step by step bun updo tutorial

Step by step bun updo hair tutorials

Simple updo for long hair step by step hair tutorial

Step by step bun updo hair tutorials

This really is an amazing updo that is perfect for wedding and prom.

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