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Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Women like everything that is beautiful! For most women, the butterfly is the most beautiful creature on the planet, apart from humans. They are dreamy, free and romantic … That's why so many women like to have a butterfly tattoo on their bodies as if they were the embodiment of the beautiful fly and the tattoo is only a symbol of beauty.

I am sure that there are many women who like butterflies and butterfly tattoos. So I make this post and present you with 14 fashionable butterfly tattoo designs so that you can be inspired. If there is someone suitable for you, show the tattoo to the tattoo artist and get one. You can place them anywhere you want and you will be safer with such an endearing tattoo. Have a look and enjoy!

Beautiful and fashionable butterfly tattoo designs for fashionistas

Monarch butterfly tattoo

Monarch butterfly tattoo about

Realistic butterfly tattoo about

Pretty butterfly tattoo about

Beautiful butterfly tattoo for women over

Simple butterfly tattoo about

Magnificent butterfly tattoo about

Cute butterfly tattoo about

Pretty pastel butterfly tattoo about

Stylish butterfly tattoo on the leg above

Beautiful butterfly tattoo on finger over

Realistic butterfly tattoo about

Edgy Butterfly tattoo design about

Butterfly tattoo on feet above

Stunning butterfly tattoo design over

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