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Capri pants

The first appearance of the calf-length trousers was a scandal, today they are particularly popular in summer and can be combined very well. The 3/4 length of the pant legs can be designed for the calf, sometimes for the knee and often with a slit.

Classification of the Capri Pants category

Capri pants are 3/4 length pants for men and women, the length of which usually extends to the height of the calf. In summer, they are a popular alternative to wearing normal-length or short-sleeved pants and show off some but not too much leg.

Advantages of the Capri cut

Especially if you don’t have a completely clear view of your legs and still want to look for a more airy, summery version of legwear, capri pants are the ideal choice. They are both fashionable and comfortable, as the 3/4 or even 7/8 length section is always in vogue and Capri pants are also very comfortable.

Capri pants during sports

This comfort can also be used in sports; The Capri is also enjoying increasing popularity during exercise and comes for example

for use.

Fit and materials

In terms of fit, they can be cut either narrow or narrow, with the leg end usually always a little wider and can also have a small slit if necessary. The material is often cotton or linen, but denim capris are also available.

Regarding the choice of color, you can often find models in classic, very summery white. But there are also capris in the typical blue denim wash.

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