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Cargo pants

Cargo pants are relatively loose-fitting and extremely comfortable pants for women and men. The cotton trousers, usually made of cotton, sometimes have side pockets and a fashionable fabric belt.

Classification of the cargo pants category

The term “freight” comes from the English language and means some form of “freight” or “freight”. What’s wrong with the “loaded cargo pants”?

Properties of cargo pants

The most important feature of the cargo pants is the large number of pockets. In addition to the usual side mesh and back pockets, it has additional pockets on the thighs, on the side seams, also at shin level. These are mainly attached bags or flat shapes that can be opened and closed with a head, buckle, Velcro fastener or zip.

Origin and development

The first cargo pants were developed as work clothes for construction and agriculture, as the many pockets enabled the wearer to always carry tools and work utensils. Therefore, they are also made of robust denim cotton material. At the beginning of the eighties, the functional trousers found their way into the fashion world. The cargo pants gave their wearers an energetic, gripping charisma and, in contrast to blouses and blazers, provided an interesting style break.

Today’s diversity

The cargo pants have kept their place to this day. They come into play as classic leisure textiles

that’s why. You present yourself

  • in natural tones such as beige, olive, sand or brown
  • in white, black or blue.

They are narrow in the waist, hips and buttocks; The leg shape is rather casual and wide. Due to their functionality, they are the ideal trousers for excursions and expeditions, and in the meantime the combination with “species-appropriate” tops such as sweaters, shirts and casual shirts has established itself.

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