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Casual Styles with Loafers

Are you too lazy to think about your shoes when you go out? Do not worry. There are various slippers to help you. Yes. Wearing a pair of loafers can not only be easy, but can also help achieve a casual street look.

Today we continue to show you some casual styles. We will show you smart ways to wear slippers. Whether you enchant a dress or pants, you can combine the look with a pair of casual loafers.

Here are 30 styles to inspire you with. Create your own casual look with a simple pair of slippers.

Kendall Jenner's black outfit

Kendall Jenner shows us her confident outfit. She is wearing a black outfit with slim pants and a turtleneck. She also completes her look with a pair of black loafers.

Kendall Jenner's black outfit

Kendall Jenner's black outfit over

Red loafers

It's a very casual look for fall and winter. If you choose waist-high pants and a pair of red loafers, you can create a casual look.

Red loafers over

Black and blue outfit

Sometimes the color black and blue works for the cold days.

Black and blue outfit over

Leggings and loafers

Nothing could be better than a style that combines leggings with loafers.

Leggings and loafers over

Layers with loafers

Winter shifts always go well with a pair of slippers.

Layers over with loafers

Black loafers

Fuzzy sweaters, blue leggings and black loafers can be your best style for the coming season.

Black Loafers over

Ripped jeans and loafers

Loafers would match your torn jeans.

Torn jeans and loafers over

Oversized coat and slippers

Have you ever thought of combining your oversized coat with a pair of slippers? If you say no, choose the style and glamor that will look so pretty for your next event.

Oversized coat and slippers over

Red and black loafers

It is so fashionable for you to combine your checkered pants with a pair of red and black loafers.

Red and black loafers over

Jeans outfit and loafers

When the weather gets warm, you can go out with a jeans outfit and loafers.

Denim outfit and loafers via

Pencil skirt and slippers

In summer wear a pencil skirt and elegant slippers.

Pencil skirt and slippers via

Brown bag and brown loafers

She makes her outfit cozy by wearing a sweater and rolled jeans. She also adds the color brown by taking a pair of slippers and a bag.

Brown bag and brown loafers over

Keira Knightley's loafers

Keira Knightley shows off her pretty street look that you can try to look casual.

Keira Knightley's loafers over

Emma Watson's loafers

Emma Watson also shows us her white t-shirt, black pencil skirt, white rice blazer and a pair of black loafers.

Emma Watsons Loafers on

Casual slippers

If you wear black pants, you can simply combine them with black loafers next time.

Casual slippers over

Overalls and loafers

Have you considered combining your jumpsuit with a pair of slippers? If you don't, you can enchant the look for your next event.

Overalls and loafers over

Jeans and loafers

There is nothing more comfortable than wearing a cozy sweater and pair of slippers.

Jeans and slippers via

Yellow coat and black loafers

How do I combine my yellow coat? Take out your tights and a pair of black loafers to complete your look.

Yellow coat and black slippers via

Black Basic

Black slippers can perfectly combine your black basic.

Black Basic over

Camel coat and slippers

It is very pretty to bewitch such a look.

Camel coat and slippers via

Neutral colored loafers

The neutral loafers fit easily with your 9 to 5 work outfit.

Neutral colored loafers over

Blue loafers

Glam a blue look for a new day!

Blue loafers over

Animal slippers

Why not combine your simple look with a pair of animal low shoes and an animal handbag to make it funnier?

Animal Loafers over

Oversized sweater and loafers

If you want to enchant a casual look, you won't miss a loosely knitted sweater, torn jeans and loafers.

Oversized sweater and slipper over

Black top, jeans and black loafers

It's easy to get the look, but don't forget to take a small bag with you.

Black top, jeans and black loafers via

Burgundy loafers

Every girl can have at least one pair of colorful slippers for her wardrobe.

Burgundy loafers over

Metallic loafers

After checking out the outfit, how can you not prepare a pair of slippers for your spring wardrobe?

Metallic loafers over

Alexa Chung's loafers

Alexa Chung wears a white top, red shorts and cozy loafers to create a casual look.

Alexa Chungs Loafers on

Plaid skirt and black loafers

Try the outfit and enjoy your time with a pair of black loafers.

Checked skirt and black slippers via

Cool look with loafers

Who says that the slippers can only create a casual look? This black outfit with a pair of slippers can also show you a cool mood.

Cool look with loafers via

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