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Colorful DIY Mason Jars for Spring

When it's spring, I can't wait to make everything colorful. I usually collect some jars that were used last year and rework them. I want to add enough colors to the old glasses to do justice to the spirit of spring.

I'm trying to turn my used glasses into beautiful glass vases through some DIY projects. You know that DIY projects can always help me a lot. The results of the craft can decorate my home very well. I put flowers in the colorful glass vases and the flower arrangements successfully embellish the room.

Today I'm going to share some practical DIY projects with you. I don't think you will miss her. You can first browse the post and see how to recreate the old glasses at home.

Pastel glasses

Pastel glasses over

Painted mason jars over

Colored mason jars over

Mason jars over

Ombre mason jars over

Tinted glasses over

Wall piece over

Golden mason jars over

Recycled glasses over

Home Painted Mason Jar over

Mason jar vases over

DIY colored glasses over

Sea glass vases over

Heart shape glasses over

Shamrock Mason Jars over

Super Easy DIY Projects

Last weekend I cleaned up my house and found a few old mason jars and other used items. I have an idea. Why don't you turn all these old mason jars into DIY vases or something useful? Then I looked for significant projects to finish my DIY craft.

By the way, I will also show you other simple DIY projects to make a busy weekend. I choose two tutorials to make a mason vase and a soap dispenser. Both ideas don't take up much time.

If you are a DIY project lover, you will not miss today's DIY post! More information can be found under the links. Trust me! Prettydesigns will not fail you for good.

A burlap artwork above

Metallic Duck Tape Candles over

Homemade projector about

Good stamp over

A pretty board over

DIY reed diffuser over

Coasters over

Metellic Geometric Planters about

Soap dispenser over

DIY napkins over

DIY t-shirts with pockets over

DIY hair clips over

Hot pack tutorial about

Leather keychain over sew

Color code your keys over

Headbands over

Jewelry organizer about

Black wreath over

Useful bookmarks about

Bows Make Pretty Shoes: DIY Projects

We always want to buy a new pair of shoes for every season. However, new pairs of shoes cost a lot and may not be included in our budget. We should think about some useful solutions. DIY projects offer our girls comfort.

Today we continue to show you some DIY projects. This time you can find ways to add beautiful loops to your shoes. All solutions show you some tutorials that you need to follow. It is easy for any girl to complete the projects.

Pull out your heels and see where you can place the pretty bows for them. Trust me! After completing one of the following projects, you can have a pair of spring heels and take them anywhere.

Just stay with us and browse the post.

Pretty DIY Ideas for Necklace

We know that necklaces complement the outfits perfectly and can be worn for many occasions. We can combine a sweater with a crochet chain or a strapless dress with a jewelry chain. Due to the widespread use of necklaces, we will introduce 17 DIY ideas for necklaces to you. Handicrafts cost less and only take a short time. You will be perfect if you take your patience on them.

If you are obsessed with DIY projects, you can get inspiration from the following ideas and can make your own necklace without hesitation. Enjoy!

Pendant necklace

Pendant necklace over

Braided necklace

Braided necklace over

Safety pin necklace

Safety pin necklace over

Green necklace

Green necklace over

Custom silhouette necklace

Custom silhouette necklace over

Bullets necklace

Bauble necklace over

Necklace with flower

Necklace with flower

Pretty necklace

Pretty necklace

Jewelry necklace

Jewelry necklace over

White flower necklace

White flower necklace

Wood and stone necklace

Wood and stone necklace over


Wooden bead necklace over

Clay tag necklace

Clay tag necklace over

Blue necklace

Blue necklace over

Necklace with pegs

Necklace with pegs via

Funny necklace

Funny necklace about

Colorful ball necklace

Colorful bauble necklace over

DIY Pallet Projects

My wife wants a rustic look for our new house. Thankfully, living in the suburbs of a large city means plenty of pallets, which you can get for free or for just a few dollars. And free pallets means pallet projects, mostly for the backyard, now that I've completed installing a sprinkler system. Here's a great guide for how to pick suitable pallets and to tell whether they are heat or chemical treated, which can affect the quality of the wood. Disassembling is a snap, so you'll be ready to start building in no time.

After you have disassembled the pallet, however, there is an additional step. Whether you have reclaimed wood in the form of a pallet, a local wood seller, or from your own tree cut down in your yard, be sure to clean and sanitize the wood. Not doing so runs the risk of carrying germs into your home. An added bonus, cleaning will also help eliminate potential slivers. After the wood is dry, stain or seal to your tastes, and you are ready to start your projects.

Pallet Projects / Photo by ronnieb at Morguefile.com

Love seat

We’ll start off fairly simple and work our way up to the more involved, wishlist items. We're first replacing regular wood boards in the instructions for pallet pieces to make a loveseat. Cut a template for the seat portion. You can make sure it will be a comfortable seat by comparing the curves to a couch. What you are paying attention to is the angle of the backrest joining the seat. Next, seal and stain the wood. Nail and / or glue the slats to the two template sides, and you have a nice loveseat to sit on and take a break in your garden.

Patio couch

If you have more room, say on a patio, for something bigger than a loveseat, then it's time to upgrade to a full L-shaped couch. This won't look as polished as the loveseat until the end. Start by cutting slats to size to hide the fact that the base is a pallet. This forms the seat and backrest. Add armrests and pillows, and get some cocktails – your couch is ready.

Hanging bed

What's better than a day, especially if you have a sturdy tree or a covered porch? A pallet swing bed. The best part is that screwing together two pallets to make the bed and adding pallets for a backrest is half the project – almost as easy as the couch. Strap some rope to the four corners and hang the bed up, making sure it's level. Grab a book and get ready for a nice nap.


DIY- Headboard / Photo courtesy of Life Storage

Speaking of beds, a pallet headboard carries the pallet theme inside the house. Another simple project, begin by measuring how big you want the headboard, ripping the pallets apart and sawing to size. Form a box with supports, nail the slats to the box, and hang the headboard on the wall next to the bed.

Garden planter

DIY – Garden planter / Source: Flickr user various brennemans (CC BY-SA 2.0)

There's something to be said of just putting liner on a pallet and calling it a planter. An actual planter takes a few more steps, but isn't much harder – it's essentially making a box with wood. To give a planter the pallet look, leave gaps in between boards. As with the strawberry planter at the link, you can let bark and the plant fill in the gaps, or use planter lining to stop dirt and soil from spilling out. Bonus points for planting edible flowers for not only practical but aesthetic purposes – which is what I'm going to do to keep my wife happy.

Dog bed frame

While you are napping on the bed swing, your canine companion can have his own bed outside. A dog bed frame, meant to hold a cushion and some blankets, will ensure your pooch can enjoy the great outdoors from behind eyelids at the same time you do.


Pallet shelving outside can be used to store anything from gardening tools and toys to barbeque utensils or potted plants. Inside your home, they fit nicely in a pantry, ready to hold canned goods. Or, they make the perfect place to display art – or collectible figurines, for me.

A pool

My wife wants a pool. I don’t want to rip up the sprinkler system I just installed. Enter the above-ground pallet pool. Though they use towels to cover any jagged edges, I'm thinking I can get away with diligent sanding before putting the liner in. I probably wouldn't make the pool as wide, though, so as not to block sprinkler heads. Otherwise, this simple-but-time-consuming project adds a water feature to your backyard for a fraction of what it would cost to install an actual pool – or buy an above-ground pool.


The grand finale, and the most complex project by a wide margin. But, it's extremely practical, and can fit some of the previous projects inside. I present the pallet shed. Buying all the wood for a shed would be expensive. But pallet wood is anything but costly, leaving plenty of money for cinder blocks for a base, nails and screws, mortar, shingles, hardware to mount a door, and glass for windows. I also suggest insulation, which is not included in the instructions at the link. The original builder made a 20’x8’s shed for about $ 500. A shed from Home Depot will cost double that for half the space. The major question you have to ask is whether your time is valuable as opposed to having a smaller shed, but not needing to build it – which will probably take at least a weekend or two. For me, I love the thrill of completing a project, knowing I built it – and that’s what will motivate me to build this shed.

Author: Cole Mayer

DIY Haircare Recipes With Natural Ingredients


One of the most important decisions you have to make on your wedding day is: How do you go where your hair is? Ok, it's not the most important decision you'll make, but it's still a big one!

Whether you are trying to grow your hair out (like me) or are getting extensions to achieve that nice "do", you still want your hair to be as healthy as possible. Healthy hair = beautiful hair!

Fortunately, this earth has given us so many natural ingredients that can help our scalp and hair look soft, feel soft, silky, and smooth!

Most of these natural elements can be combined to make as many different hair care options as masks, scrubs, heat protection agents and more. And they're pretty cheap too (which is a big plus!)

Here's a graphic picture that lists 8 of the best natural ingredients to get beautiful hair!


Another great oil and a natural ingredient that is not on this list is coconut oil! Coconut oil is generally just a great beauty item (in fact, on nights when I feel super lazy, I skip my usual skin care routine and just rub some coconut oil on my face)! Coconut oil contains ingredients that promote the general health of your hair! It makes hair strong and shiny and at the same time stimulates hair growth!

Some of these things can be used alone or mixed together to solve a variety of your hair care problems.

Clean your hair


Required products:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • water

There are so many reasons why ACV is good for your hair, but I'll give you the short version. The ACV's enzymes and acidity help balance your hair's pH and leave your scalp clean and healthy!

All you need is to mix 10 parts water with 1 part apple cider vinegar. Massage the conditioner into your scalp after regular shampooing and leave it on for about 2-5 minutes. After the minutes have passed, rinse it out and then condition it as usual!

Fix your hair


Required products:

Honey is an amazing product that not only tastes good, but also has health benefits! When it comes to your hair, honey is a natural hair softener and binds moisture into your hair! Let it be super soft! This is a great solution for damaged or brittle hair.

It's really easy for this honey mask! All you need is honey! You want to make this mask after washing your hair normally. If the hair is still damp, massage about half a cup of honey into your hair. Leave it on for about 20 minutes and then rinse it off with warm water.

Sometimes honey can be so thick that it is difficult to work with. In this case, just mix in a little coconut oil to smooth the honey and give the mask even more benefits!

Moisten your hair


Required products:

Another product that is great in itself! No need to mix this with anything. However, keep in mind that you want to use the coconut oil in liquid form. So if yours is firm, put a couple of tablespoons in a microwave-safe bowl and warm them up!

Then just cover your scalp with the mask and comb it through! You can only leave it on for 20 minutes if you are in a hurry, but I will be happy to leave it on overnight! If your mixture has been bought long enough, shampoo it out! After this mask, you no longer have to shampoo your hair!

Strengthen and grow


Required products:

Both ingredients are POWERHOUSES when it comes to hair care! And when used together, they're perfect for getting strong hair that grows like Rapunzel's!

Olive oil is another emollient that makes hair strong and shiny! While egg yolk contains an element, is called lecithin, as well as protein, which are perfect for strengthening and moisturizing the hair!

You want to start with wet hair. Then combine 1 egg yolk with two tablespoons of olive oil. Apply this mixture to your hair, avoid the scalp and concentrate mainly on the ends of your hair! Let it rest for about 30 minutes, then rinse it off with warm water and shampoo to remove egg yolk and oil from your hair.

Did these recipes help?

If you try any of these recipes, let me know in the comments section! Even if you have other natural hair recipes to share, feel free!

Stay up to date for even more hair tips and tips!

DIY Sneaker Makeover Ideas for Spring

Pull out your old sneakers and clean them immediately. We are here to offer an entry entitled 15 DIY Sneaker Makeover Ideas. You can find DIY projects to renew your old pair of sneakers. We don't think you will miss this useful post.

If it's been a long time since you created the DIY projects, don't worry, and you'll get all the DIY skills back in the mail. What you need are a couple of clean pairs of sneakers and other necessary DIY materials. Still not sure how to finish the makeover? You can review the post first. You can add lace or paintings to your sneakers.

You can find more ideas for revision in the following article. Get inspired and have a new pair of sneakers with these tutorials.

Lace slip sneakers over

Sneakers with interesting pictures about

Sneakers with white bubbles over

Sneakers with stones over

Blue ombre sneakers over

Colorful sneakers over

Cartoon shoes about

DIY sneakers over

Glitter sneakers over

Painted sneakers over

Sneakers with glitter

Fruit inspired sneakers over

Black and white sneakers over

Galaxy sneakers over

Oxford shoes over

DIY Projects for You to Enjoy Winter at Home

Sometimes you don't want to go outside and just stay home and enjoy a cup of coffee. However, you can think of doing something to kill time. If you are a DIY lover, you will love the DIY projects. We offer you some DIY projects to spend your time at home.

The projects are all about winter staff. Step-by-step instructions will show you how to make a snowman or effectively set a table. You don't have to prepare too much for the projects. These DIY projects require simple things and simple steps. So do not worry. It is easy to learn the projects and follow the tutorials.

Check out the post. I hope you will like them all. Get busy and finish a DIY project for the new season.

Snowman from socks

Socks can be changed in many things. This time, the DIY project shows you how to make a snowman from used socks.

Snowman-by-socks over

Christmas tree napkins

How do you fold your napkins for Christmas tables? You can try a tree napkin style. Check out the tutorial and practice.

Christmas tree napkins over

Snowman decoration

With balloons you can make a snowman for your Christmas decoration.

Snowman decoration over

Photo letters

It's time for you to collect your photos of the year. You can create letters that contain your favorite photos and hang them on the wall.

Photo letters about

Mason jar of snow globe

The whole world can be transported with a small glass.

Mason Jar Snow Globe Above

Christmas wreath

It's an easy way to make a Christmas wreath.

Christmas wreath over

Upgrade your fireplace

Although it takes time, it is perfect for the upcoming vacation.

Upgrade your fireplace over

Mason jar candle holder

Collect the leaves and use mason jars to create some candle holders for the cold days.

Mason jar candle holder over

Christmas decorations

Ask your children to help with the projects. You have to have fun together.

Christmas decorations over

Woven necklace

After completing the project, you can have a sweater chain for winter.

woven necklace over

Sweet dolls

Do you like DIY a few little things? If you say yes, you will not miss the DIY project.

cute dolls over

zipper pocket

Do you need a zip pocket? You can create one yourself.

Zip pocket over

Homemade candles

Follow the steps and make your own candles for decorations or gifts.

homemade candles over

Sweet pillows

Use the DIY projects to make some cute pillows to upgrade your sofa.

sweet pillows over

gift bags

How can you miss the DIY gift bag making project? It is a time to send gifts. Learn some tips to make a pretty gift bag.

Gift bags over

Hair Tutorials

What hairstyles do you want for this season? Still have no idea? Do not worry! Today’s post will introduce some useful hair tutorials to you. The tutorials are easy and versatile. They can be done within minutes and they are pretty enough for you to complete many outfits.

Whether you want to wear a ponytail or a bun, you can find a signature tutorial in the post. Following the steps of the tutorials, you can have an amazing look. Check them out right now!
Creative hairstyle

Creative hairstyle via

Fancy ponytail

Fancy ponytail via

Deep side parting

Deep side parting



Braided updo

Braided updo

Back bun

Back bun via

Braided hairstyle via

Top bun

Top bun via

Twisted braid

Twisted Braid via

Messy updo

Messy Updo via

Funny braid

Funny Braid via

Pretty bun

Pretty bun via

Bridal hairstyle

Bridal hairstyle

Braided bun

Braided bun via

Twisted hair

Twisted hair

Side ponytail

Side ponytail

DIY Body Butter to Have at Home

When the weather turns dry and cold, your skin needs moisture to stay nourished and soft. The beauty products can help you. However, they can cost a lot of money. Fortunately, there are ways to save money. Yes. DIY projects can be solutions. With some recipes, you can make your own body butter to improve your skin.

Prettydesigns continues to bring you some DIY projects to keep your hands busy. This time you will find many body butter projects that need to be completed at home. It is easy for every beginner as the links contain instructions.

Don't hesitate to click the links and learn more about the DIY body butter projects.

DIY whipped cream vanilla peppermint body butter

DIY whipped cream vanilla peppermint body butter over

Homemade lotion

Homemade lotion over

Homemade moisturizing lotion recipe

Homemade Moisturizing Lotion Recipe About

Rose Hibiscus Whipped Body Butter

Rose Hibiscus Whipped Body Butter over

Lavender body butter

Lavender body butter over

Orange body butter

Orange body butter over

Gingerbread Body Butter

Gingerbread body butter over

Body butter made from essential oils

Body butter made from essential oils via

Aloe vera butter

Aloe vera butter over

Whipped butter

Whipped butter over

Peppermint Body Butter

Peppermint body butter over

Lemon Vanilla Body Butter

Lemon Vanilla Body Butter over

DIY beaten coconut oil

DIY beaten coconut oil over

Whipped Mocha Body Butter

Whipped Mocha Body Butter Over

Cinnamon vanilla body butter

Cinnamon vanilla body butter over

Non-greasy lavender body butter

Non-greasy lavender body butter over

Homemade chocolate whipped body butter

Homemade chocolate whipped body butter over

Shea and Coconut Body Butter

Shea and Coconut Body Butter over

Grapefruit Body Butter

Grapefruit Body Butter over

Pumpkin pie spice Body Butter

Pumpkin Pie Spice Body Butter over