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Ways to Style Your Ponytail

6 DIY Ways to Style a Bandana for Summer - Paper and Stit

You don’t want to wear the simple ponytail any more or you want a more stylish ponytail? There are 17 ways for you to style your ponytail in an extraordinary look. Following the steps, your ponytail will be created a twisted pony, a side pony or a braided pony. No matter what styles you wear from these 17 ways, you ...

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DIY Projects for Cat Lovers

20 Crafts for Cat Lovers! | Cat lovers, Cat crafts, Craf

It's been a long time since you finished your last DIY projects? If you say "yes" you will not miss today's post. The post will encourage you to keep your hands busy again. Check out the post first and take a lazy summer afternoon to craft these fun projects. The handmade projects are all about cats. If you are a ...

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Creative DIY Vases to Hold Flowers

17 creative diy vases to hold flowers | Diy vase, Glitter vases .

Spring is all around us. We continue to give you some ideas to beautify your home and create a better living space. Today's post offers you some ideas for DIY vases for holding spring flowers. If you are a DIY lover you will not miss the post. The post will help you to reuse your old things. Think about what ...

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Ideas to Wrap Your Gifts

40+ Unique Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas - DIY Holiday Gift Wr

How do you usually pack your gifts? Just plain paper packaging? Are you embarrassed when you don't have a pretty wrapper for your present? Do not worry. Prettydesigns is here and gives you 10 ideas to wrap your presents. If it is an occasion that requires gifts, these ideas will help you prepare well. These ideas can be completed at ...

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Dorm Room DIYs

12 Best DIY Dorm Room Decor Ideas - How to DIY a College Do

Moving to a Dormitory can be scary but is a great opportunity. It's a whole new space to decorate … with some limitations, of course. Regardless, there are many DIYs out there to make your room unique and add an extra touch instead of the boring decor they give you. Frankly, most of them DIYs This can even be done ...

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DIY Floral Garland Projects

12 DIY Floral Garland Projects for Your Home - Pretty Desig

Hey girl! Do you love flowers I think the rose will be your favorite, right? However, today I'm not going to talk about what kind of flowers you will get for the next date. Prettydesigns show you how to decorate your home with the spice flowers or the artificial flowers. If you are a DIY lover or a flower lover ...

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DIY Projects: Embellish Your Phone Cases

12 DIYs That Will Make You Even More Attached To Your Phone | Diy .

Do you find your phone's appearance boring? Do you always want to give your phone case something nice? You are lucky enough to find today's post. It offers you some DIY projects to beautify your phone cases. With the following ideas you can beautify your phone cases. Buy some very simple cell phone cases and embellish them with your imagination. ...

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Easy DIY Buttons Jewelry Projects

11 Easy DIY Buttons Jewelry Projects: Making Jewelry from Buttons .

Use your buttons well! Why not choose some of your favorite buttons and create beautiful jewelry? No matter how big or small; What colorful, modern, vintage, all types, shapes and sizes, and decide what you want to do with them. Here are 11 simple DIY button jewelry projects you can follow. Easy DIY projects with bobby pins scraphacker.com How to ...

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DIY Projects: Makeup Organizers

30 Best DIY Makeup Organizing Ide

Last week I was busy looking for my favorite lipstick every morning. It drives me crazy and gives me a messy start to a day. I decided to organize my make-up and make-up tools well by some organizers. I collected some used bottles and used them to hold my makeup or makeup tools. I continue to do other makeup organizers ...

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DIY Projects for the First Day of 20- DIY Ideas

8 First Day Summer Activities for Kids | Summer activities for .

What are your resolutions for the new year? As a handyman, you need to make more pretty things in 2018. As the new year comes to an end, you may want more ideas to create your home improvement. With Prettydesigns you can get inspiration from 25 DIY projects. If you want to bring something green to your work or home, ...

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